“To Reveille” or “to sound Reveille” has been popularized in summer camps as the “tune” that signals that it is time to wake up,” whether the bugle call is actually sounded or not.

At the Club at Boca Pointe, “Reveille” has been sounding all summer long for those who stay at the Club at Boca Pointe during the summer, there was plenty of action and plenty of ways to escape the heat.

boca-pointe-205-1The “Reveille” is now sounding at a higher pitch as the fall season is nearing and the return of the snowbirds is imminent. As the fall season harkens, the calendars are beginning to fill up.  “We have more than 300 events already locked in on our calendar,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the only country club in South Florida that offers seasonal memberships without the traditional financial commitment typically associated with clubs.
“The summer season was certainly busy, especially with the construction of the new Grande Café.  The card rooms continued to be busy while members also found ways to beat the heat on the golf course and tennis courts. Our Sports & Fitness Complex had several new activities that attracted people who aerobics roomdo not usually work out.”

“Reveille must be sounding,” says the smiling general manager, “because the Club is getting many, many more inquiries about our unique Premier membership program that appeals to those who will be visiting South Florida for a few months this winter.  This includes people who own or rent properties as far away as 15 to 30 minutes.

“Many people want the same country club experience they are accustomed to where they live up north.  These snowbirds are used to driving to their club so driving to the Club at Boca Pointe while wintering is South Florida is welcomed.  Boca Pointe members can be found in many of the surrounding areas to the Club, including Highland Beach to Pompano Beach and anywhere along the AIA corridor.”

The Club at Boca Pointe is the only country club that offers a Premier membership where the members can definite their own lifestyle and enjoy the amenities without the typical financial commitments such as equity fees, bonds or initiation fees. The Premier membership allows the members to join the Club for as little as three consecutive months up to 12 months the first year and from four months to 12 months thereafter.

boca-pointe-187-golfPremier memberships start with basic club (social) privileges with an option to add tennis and / or golf privileges.  Social privileges include usage of the Sports & Fitness Complex, all the dining facilities – three restaurants and two lounges, and card and Mah Jongg rooms, as well as access to the busiest, most active social calendar in South Florida whether it be for couples or singles.

For those who only want to mainly play golf in a private club atmosphere on an 18-hole championship golf course, the Club at Boca Pointe also offers an Annual Golf membership.

“We have a comprehensive membership offering,” Ms. Karpel adds.  “The beauty of the program is that it is attracting members from all over the United States, Canada and even London. Many, of course, are from the Northeast Corridor.  Once a Premier members gets a taste of the Club, they will hear the “Reveille” call played every season.”

Do you hear it now?  Why not call 561-864-8537 to learn more about all of the membership options available to you!


When you join the Club at Boca Pointe, you better have an easy-to-fill-in calendar ready because it is going to fill up fast and be loads of fun!

First, schedule your golf games, tennis games, fitness activities and, of course, figure out which friends you will dine with this week…do that early in the week because you are going to need room for some more exciting activities.  You like it, we have it!

Do you like games?  You can play bridge, canasta or Mah Jongg or just about any other game in the card rooms, but that, too, is the tip of the iceberg. 

There is close to 300 different events scheduled during the year hosted by Jane Young, the social director at the Club at Boca Pointe.  Events range from lectures and seminars on fascinating subjects to off-campus Broadway shows to an on-campus Showtime series at the Club hosting top talent.  The Club at Boca Pointe is proud to host the only FAU Learning Center in South Florida away from the FAU campus, which features top professors.

Can there be more?   The answer: absolutely at the Club at Boca Pointe!  There is always more to keep the members engaged, happy and clamoring for more.  The Club at Boca Pointe is the only country club in South Florida where members can literally define their own membership tenure and type — customizing when and where they want to participate.

That is right! The Club at Boca Pointe is not your typical “father or grandfather’s country club.”  It is a Club for the “happening” people.  Yes, Boca Pointe has the traditional golf course, tennis, and sports & fitness complex, but that is where the “traditional” ends.

“We feature clubs within the country club that are designed to further build friendship where people of like interests can meet and share experiences,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the “happening” Club at Boca Pointe.  “Whenever people of like interests can get together, it just strengthens relations and helps build new friendships.”

Some of the groups are targeted for specific audiences such as the Boomers and Boca Unos and Today Life Continues.  Members can participate in these groups by just checking the calendar each week.  The groups offer a variety of activities catering to a targeted audience.

The biggest club on campus is the Adventurers Club made up of more than 200 members.  Created in the 1990s, the Adventurers Club is dedicated to creating events that members would not normally undertake on their own or through the traditional club activities. For example, how many members would ordinarily journey to Shark Valley, deep in the Florida Everglades or deliver “holiday presents” to the animals at the Miami Zoo or take a special behind-the-scenes tour of the new Miami Marlin Stadium? Probably none, but that is what being in the Adventurers Club gets you.

Then there is the Scam Troupe, founded and produced by Harriet Rubin.  The Scam Troupe is a performing group of members of the Cub at Boca Pointe that presents skits about “scams” that face senior citizens.  The troupe has performed all over Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County at various locations. The Scam Troupe has been the subject of many articles and has been covered on television internationally. 

The newest group is “What’s Up.”  As its name indicates, it features speakers about what is happening in the world around us.  The speakers and subjects are topical and provide members with a unique perspective as to what’s happening today.

The list of Boca Pointe’s interesting clubs within the Club goes on and on.   To name a few more, there is a Camera Club, Volunteer Club, Yiddish Club and Creative Writing Club.  “Many of our members are part of one or more clubs in addition to participating in an extremely active lifestyle,” adds Karpel.  “However, with that said, we also have members who just want to enjoy the casual Boca Pointe lifestyle, and we encourage that as well.”

The Club at Boca Pointe is all about making friends, loving life and creating new memories.  If this sounds like you, the Club encourages you to call 561-864-8539 to learn more about becoming a member.



bp-ac-frontgymHow many wannabe fitness people say, “Going to a fitness center is boring!” or “Staying healthy and in shape is boring!”?  Maybe this sounds like you as part of the many people who debate each year about making this a New Year’s resolution.  You want the results but not the drudgery.

aerobics roomThe Club at Boca Pointe has the answer!  It is anything but boring to work out in the Club’s state-of-the-art Sports and Fitness Complex.

“We are always coming up with new programs and classes to keep our members engaged,” says Sherri Giannone, the director of athletics for the only private country club in South Florida offering seasonal memberships through its unique Premier membership program.  To illustrate her point, look at the classes being offered this year alone:

Yin Restorative Yoga: A 60-minute senior Yoga and Stretch class.

Ballet Barre Workout: A 60-minute class using body bars for balance, posture and strength 

Expresso Meditation: A 30-minute class focusing inward.

Expresso Cardio: A 30-minute cardio class with lots of energy.

Burn And Firm: A 60-minute class using the Lebret Bars.

Expresso Tai-Chi: A 45-minute Chinese shadowing boxing class.

Meditation/ Affirmation: A 45 minute class using positive affirmations.

Hoop Core: A 30 minute workout using Hoola – Hoops to focus on the core muscles.

Pointe Theory: A 45 minute class that incorporates cardio and weight training while maintaining a targeted heart rate. 

Then there are unique special events throughout the year.  These include fun fitness opportunities such as:

  • “Walk Across Manhattan” – This member participation program was devised to encourage members to have fun as they keep track of their daily workouts. Once a member completes a workout, a pin with the member’s name on it is moved across a map of Manhattan. The walk begins at Lincoln Center, through Central Park, off to Broadway and around Times Square. It continues downtown to Chelsea, Washington Square Park and to the Brooklyn Bridge. The walk is completed when the participant finishes the walk at the Guggenheim Museum, on the upper east side of Manhattan.
  • “Men’s Health Month” – This series of lectures addresses Men’s Health and how certain concerns change over the course of time. The lectures are scheduled weekly, in order to encourage members to focus on a better and healthier lifestyle.      
  • “Think Pink Fridays” – In order to promote Breast Cancer Awareness and to show support for those affected by Breast Cancer, Boca Pointe members are encouraged to wear pink clothing on Fridays, for the month of October. Participants are given a raffle ticket, to possibly win a training session with a Personal Trainer. 
  • “Lifestyle Changes for the Older Adult” – This series of lectures specifically address how to adopt a Healthy Lifestyle as an older adult.  Different topics such as nutritional counseling, when to visit the Doctor and the appropriate types of exercise.
  • “90 Days to a Better You” – You Don’t Need a New Year to make a change… All you need is Monday!  This 90 day motivational program is designed to help members get into a realistic exercise program, for the New Year. The program begins by meeting a health professional to determine fitness goals. Then, weekly group exercise sessions are scheduled. Nutritional Counseling is available to help keep participants on track.
  • “Health and Fitness Expo” – The purpose of the Expo is to provide the latest and most up to date information from local Health Professionals. The participants are invited to promote their services, to members, in an expo setting. It gives the members an opportunity to ask questions, and seek advice. Informational handouts and mini evaluations are performed.  Some of the participants have included Rehab Therapists, Orthopedics Surgeons, Chiropractors, Optometrists, Nutritional Counselors and Audiologists.
  • “Luck of the Irish” – This member participation program rewards members when they workout, with a gold coin. The member’s name is written on the coin and placed in a Leprechaun Pot, located at the Front Desk. A “Lucky” winner is chosen when their coin is picked Saint Patrick’s Day.  The winner is given a certificate that allows them a complimentary training session with a personal trainer.
  • Easter Egg Hunt- Members bring in children and grandchildren to collect eggs at the egg hunt, filled with toys and candy. The Egg Hunt visited by a special guest, Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit is always available for photos before and after the hunt.
  • Summer Olympics at Boca Pointe – Members “Go for the Gold” at Boca Pointe with this member participation program. Every time a member swims, takes a class, completes a workout or plays table tennis they are given a gold coin. The coins, with the member name on them, are placed in either in the Track and Field, Swimming, Cycling or Table Tennis jar. A winner is selected from each category and given a gift certificate from the club.

Are you excited now?  What a fantastic way to get in shape, stay health and have fun!  Once the workout is done, members can take a dip in the pool on a warm, sunny day – which is about every day in South Florida!  Why not call 561-864-8539 today to learn more about the many membership options that include the Sports & Fitness Complex at the Club at Boca Pointe!


menorah-157983_640There was a Menorah…there was a Christmas tree…all on the same night!  How often do you remember celebrating the lighting of the first Menorah candle on the same night as Christmas Eve?

treeWell, nearly 500 members, families and guest were treated to something special on Christmas eve at the Club at Boca Pointe…an ecumenical night to say the least.  It was a night filled with joy.

“I don’t remember the last time we were able to celebrate both occasions on the same night,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the only Club in South Florida that allows members to pick and chose their activities with a flexible membership program.  “Everyone in attendance enjoyed the evening thanks to our dedicated staff, great planning, and the hard work of our ritual committee.

To have a dual celebration was something very memorable – we not only celebrated two very special religious holidays, but we reached out to members from all over the United States and several foreign countries.  We entertained members from California, Wisconsin, the entire eastern seaboard, Illinois, Germany, Canada and our home state, Florida.

That evening of celebration magnified what separates the Club at Boca Pointe from other clubs in South Florida – we offer the friendliest environment where members enjoy embracing new members.  Our membership welcomes new members with warmth and kindness as if they were long lost relatives.  When our members get together, you cannot tell the equity from the non-equity member, the year-round from the seasonal member.”

The Club’s Premier membership affords a country club experience without the typical country club financial buy-in commitment.  This membership offers snowbirds the option to join the Club for as few as three-months to 12 months the first year and then from four months to 12 thereafter.

“Our Premier membership affords us the ability to effectively market to a broad range of Floridians, whether part-time or full-time Floridians, whether renters or owners,” Karpel adds.  “Once Premier members get a taste of the Club at Boca Pointe, they are hooked.  They keep returning year after year and keep increasing the number of months they are staying with us.  Why?  Because of two things:  a great value and a welcoming membership that embraces three-month members as if they were here all year long,” explains Karpel.

In addition to the Premier membership, there are many other non-equity options as well as equity options.  The Club at Boca Pointe, a Boca Raton golf and country club, is attracting new members every year by meeting many unique lifestyles.  Why not call the Club at 561-864-8539 to learn more about the options available to you?


Where do you want to go to dinner Saturday night?

Undoubtedly, the members at the Club at Boca Pointe will say their brand new Grand Café at the Club!  It is the hottest place in town with top of the line food offerings.  The ambience is warm but contemporary and Executive Chief Terry Daniels ensures that the food is the talk of the town.

“Our Saturday night covers in the Grand Café were never very big,” says Helen Karpel, general manager who spearheaded the freshly minted, vibrant restaurant. “Now suddenly we are finding more and more members coming to dine here on a Saturday night with their neighbors, outside friends and relatives.  It is a happening place.  The place is jumping on Saturday nights.”

The Grand Café opened on November 16 and serves dinners at least three nights a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with Wednesdays and Fridays in the Main Dining Room).  “During the holiday season, we traditionally have moved some dining from the Grand Café to the Main Dining Room.  With the high demand for seating in the Grand Café and Lounge, we may decide to change our schedule.”

“The Club has been attracting a ‘younger’ member,” adds Karpel.  “And, according to what we are seeing in the Grand Café, not only are our valued equity members taking part but many of our Premier members are enjoying the décor, the layout, the colors and, of course, the food from Chef Terry as well as drinks from our very warm and friendly bartenders.”

Along with the reviews, excitement and enthusiasm over the new Grand Café, the Club recorded another fabulous two weeks of holiday activities that delighted all the members and their families.  The holiday weeks were filled everyone’s calendars.

It started on Christmas Eve with the traditional dressing of the Christmas tree and the lighting ceremony of the Hanukkah candles on December 24. After these festivities, the Club had a fabulous buffet followed by the traditional Christmas Day buffet at the Sports & Fitness Complex.

The holiday season continued into the following week with many activities for members and their families to enjoy:

  • December 26:  A fun-filled pool party with the William PennHouse group and face painting for the youngsters.
  • December 27:  Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop where children were assisted in choosing, stuffing and taking home their very own treasured stuffed animals. 
  • December 28:  The annual Club at Boca Pointe carnival of fun and games.  This featured Boca Pointe’s special “Clowns on Call” group to help entertain youngsters and their families.
  • December 29:  Ventriloquism/Magic Show featuring Mr. A.
  • December 29:  Magicians in the Main Dining Room.
  • December 30:  Balloon artists working in the Main Dining Room.
  • December 31:  The traditional, but exceptionally exciting, New Year’s Eve celebration in the Main Dining Room.

Beyond all of these amazing activities, there were golf and tennis clinics that especially catered to the youngsters.  There was fun to be had everywhere!

What’s next?  President’s Week is sure to be filled with members enjoying their families on a break. Every year, the Club welcomes many visitors during President’s Week.

“We’ll be ready,” proclaims Karpel.  “This year is especially exciting because we have so many new members who moved into Boca Pointe recently.  We are delighted that many joined the Club, and we are looking forward to more new residents taking advantage of the many flexible membership options available.”

The Club at Boca Pointe is the only private country club in South Florida that does not require the typical equity financial commitment to join.  We are the only club that offers residents and non-residents the opportunity to take advantage of both equity and non-equity  membership programs, with the fastest growing non-equity membership being the Premier in which you can commit to as few as three consecutive months the first year and as few as four months from the second year and thereafter. 

As you start the new year, why not call the Club at Boca Pointe at 561-864-8539 to learn about the many membership options available to you!


Canadians are known for being fun loving, warm and welcoming with an engaging spirit. This also describes the environment at the Club at Boca Pointe – fun loving, warm and welcoming! It is a perfect marriage for seasonal Canadians!

For the fifth straight year, Canadians—from Montreal to Toronto—have adopted the Club at Boca Pointe as their winter country club. “Our Canadian members are typically members of country clubs in their home province so they have a strong sense of belonging and commitment,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the only country club in South Florida where members decide on their own level of participation.

“The Club enjoys members from various parts of the globe – it is a treat to watch our members mix and mingle with each other, sharing different backgrounds. Our Canadian members are typically avid golfers – they arrive in golf clothes and carry a change of clothing for the night just as they do in their home clubs. They play 18 holes, do a quick change and spend the rest of the night dining and socializing.

“As a testament to their enjoyment, our members north of the border are quick to recommend the club to their friends, which there can be no better compliment to the Club than to recommend a friend. Those friends quickly agree that their experiences at the Club at Boca Pointe replicates their experiences at their home club and then they recommend friends. Who would ever believe that French Canadians would find the same qualities at a private club 1,600 miles south in Boca Raton, Florida?

The Club at Boca Pointe is a perfect fit for a number of reasons:

  1. Season memberships. Canadians are generally limited to a six-month stay in the U.S. The Club at Boca Pointe offers memberships from three to 12 months in the first year and from four to 12 months thereafter.
  1. You do not have to live in the Boca Pointe community to play there. Many of the Canadian members live elsewhere including the A1A corridor in Highland Beach, Deerfield Beach, Lighthouse Point and even Pompano Beach.
  1. Non-mandatory equity country club. The Premier membership program does not require the typical financial commitment associated with typical country club memberships. There is no buy-in investment required.

“We are the only country club in South Florida that offers a flexible, seasonal membership program,” says Karpel. “Our flexible Premier membership programs are what separates us from the others – a full country club experience without the typical costs.”

If you are in South Florida seasonally, whether from Canada or any other part of the globe, we welcome you to call us at 561-864-8539 to learn more about the Club’s flexible membership options.





Florida Winter copy.jpg

Winter is here…winter is here!

Hard to believe especially with this unusually hot summer throughout the Northeast Corridor! But, winter is here for sure!

Real estate rental agents are ready for you in case you are interested in dipping your toe into South Florida during the cold northern winters whether in the Northeast Corridor or from Chicago, Milwaukee or anywhere north of the border. In fact, Boca Pointe has a list of its preferred realtors on its public home page ( under “Homes” if you would like to get connected.

One very common comment heard by real estate rental agents from prospective renters is: “I want to be warm and have a place to play during my seasonal stay.”

The Club at Boca Pointe gives real estate agents the perfect offering to their clients:

First, it is located in sunny, warm South Florida near main thoroughfares to get to and from it easily so living at the Club is not essential. Northerners love the fact that even on its coldest day, South Florida is warmer than the winter wonderland of the Northeast and Midwest.

Secondly, the Club at Boca Pointe is the only place where seasonal visitors can belong to a beautiful, private country club without the typical country club financial commitment (equity is optional, not required).

So, when your realtor finds that perfect rental within the Boca Pointe community or nearby on the A1A corridor or Federal Highway/US 1 or anywhere in Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach and Lighthouse Point, simply ask your rental agent about the Premier membership program at the Club at Boca Pointe.

The Premier membership program is like a hidden gem waiting to be found. Its popularity is reaffirmed by the high retention rate of returning Premier members each season. The program is really simple and offers great seasonal fun:

  • Seasonal memberships are the hallmark of the Premier membership program. You can become a club/social member for three to 12 months for the first year and then for four to 12 for every year thereafter.
  • The club/social membership includes all dining facilities (three restaurants & two lounges), card / Mah Jongg rooms, all social and cultural events, the Sports and Fitness Complex, cardio classes and the Club pool.
  • Golf and tennis can be added to your membership. Golf memberships have unlimited golf opportunities for social or competitive activities on a beautiful 18-hole championship golf course. Tennis also includes social and tennis programs on 16 Har Tru courts.

Oh, by the way, if you are buying in South Florida, on or off the Boca Pointe property, the same Premier membership program is available to you. To learn more about how the Premier program will work for you during your seasonal or year-round stay in South Florida, the Club welcomes you to call 561-864-8539 to learn more.


What does being a member of a country club and Thanksgiving have in common?  Food and plenty of it…and, more importantly, family and friends…at the Club at Boca Pointe, it is one big family affair!

Executive Chef Terry Daniels and his talented team prepared 48 turkeys equivalent to 1,232 pounds.  Additionally, there were the much anticipated trimmings from stuffing to sweet potato to a delectable arrangement of desserts.

The Club served 759 in the main dining room where members, their families, and friends gathered from 2:30 in the afternoon to the last seating at 7 p.m.  No one left hungry!

When it comes to the Club at Boca Pointe, family it takes on a whole different meaning and with a unique twist. Not only did the Club entertain and serve 759 dinners, Chef Terry accommodated some very unique situations.

The Club prepared several meals that members picked up to serve their families and friends in their homes. Moreover, if a member was under the weather, maybe in a rehab facility or even a hospital, they are not forgotten by the Club. Chef Terry prepared a number of individual meals that members were able to take to the facility for their loved ones.

“Not only do we have a talented and dedicated staff,” boasts Helen Karpel, general manager of the only country club in South Florida where members can define their own membership, “but the Club at Boca Pointe is all about family. The Club is considered one of the friendliest country clubs in South Florida where members fit right in from the first day.

Our family of members include members of many different categories – we have our equity, Premier, Annual Golf, Sports & Fitness, Passport and Annual Tennis members.  Since we are not a mandatory equity club, the Club is able to develop a range of unique memberships to meet different lifestyles.

“The most popular is our Premier Membership program, which allows someone to join from three to 12 months the first year and then from four months to 12 months from the second year and thereafter.  All of the Premier categories include full usage of the new Sports & Fitness Complex, pool, card rooms, robust social events, and dining facilities – three restaurants and two lounges, along with privileges to play tennis and golf, driven by the membership category chosen. We have a strong contingent of Premier members from the entire Northeast corridor, Wisconsin, Chicago and, of course, a wonderful, friendly group from Canada.


We welcome you to call 561-864-8539 to learn more about how you can become part of the Boca Pointe family!


Compliments are always wonderful to receive!  In the event catering business, however, it is often difficult to earn them because a special event has so many moving parts with many personal expectations from the host. Yet, when it comes to the Club at Boca Pointe’s catering team, compliments have become the norm.

Traditionally, the family whose event is being hosted at the Club at Boca Pointe will write the thank you note…post some items on their Facebook page or other social media.  But, when an event planner whose reputation is on the line for the selected venue compliments you, it is like a grand slam homerun!

Receiving client and vendor compliments has become the norm for the catering department team of Jeana and Bea under the direction of Executive Chef Terry.  They strive for excellence at every event.

“On behalf of the entire Signature Inspirations Florists & Event Planners, Inc., team, I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude of the service you extended to our clients… It was our absolute pleasure to have worked with the both of you and the entire Club at Boca Pointe Team. The service provided at the Club at Boca Pointe was superior and outstanding.  Despite the chaos of the weather, thank you for going above and beyond to ensure that our client’s day was a memorable celebration.”

It is accolades like these words that have established the Club at Boca Pointe as one of the best venues to host an event.  When a company’s reputation and livelihood is on the line, their expectations are high and their compliments must be earned.  Boca Pointe prides itself on exceeding the expectations of all its clients!

The Club at Boca Pointe is open for catering to the public. You do not have to be a member of the club or even live at Boca Pointe to take advantage of the fabulous country club setting for any special event.

Special events run the gamut from weddings, bridal showers, bar and bat mitzvahs, to all kinds of varied celebrations.  In fact, many gate communities as far away as Boynton Beach turn to the Club at Boca Pointe to host various charity events or annual activities, including card parties for lunch or dinner.

If you have an event coming up, Boca Pointe welcomes a call to 561-864-8500 to learn more about its beautiful amenities and friendly service.


It’s here! The excitement can be felt around the beautiful campus of the Club at Boca Pointe.

Members are in store for another great season at the Club…another great social calendar loaded with everything from Broadway plays to outstanding lectures from theme dinner dances to exciting sports events on the golf course and tennis courts to new activities at the Sports & Fitness Center. There is something for everyone!

If you are not a member, yet, we invite you to visit the Club’s website at, and click on The Club, Social, and download our Club Life. The Club Life highlights the exciting, robust calendar of fun events, lectures, and shows arranged by our Social Director for Premier and Equity members to enjoy throughout the year. This is what draws in the members with such a high retention rate!

Adding to the excitement this season is the opening of the brand new Grand Café, which was greeted by many “oohhs and aahhs” from the membership. It is stunning!

“This was not just a matter of refurbishing the Grand Café,” says Helen Karpel, general manager. “This was a complete makeover. The Grand Café and lounge is completely different. We took walls down; we added space; we reconfigured the space with an entirely different look and feel from the time you approach the reception podium – it is very different in a wonderful way.”

From the time you approach the Grand Café, you will already feel and, of course, see the difference. Whether you approach the Grand Café from the lower level entry way, walk down the stairs or use the elevator, you immediately feel and see the difference.

Once you reach the reception desk outside the Grand Café, you will know you have arrived at a place that is very special…lively, colorful, upbeat, exciting…a place where you will want to dine or share a drink with friends and guests.

“Seeing is believing,” beams Karpel. “It is difficult to put into words what our members see and feel when they enter the Grand Café. Not only is it new, fresh and upbeat, but it has more seating capacity with great flexibility for the lounge and dining area. The windows encircling the Grand Café bring in beautiful light and a warm feeling of friendship being enjoyed one table at a time.”

The Club’s year-round members and early arriving northerners enjoyed the grand opening with great enthusiasm! It is a treat, yet, to be experienced by our seasonal members arriving in the months to come and new members such as yourself. Of course, the food remains extraordinary with our amazing Executive Chef Terry at the helm.

This is the perfect time to join the Club! If you would like to explore the many membership options, we welcome you to call 561-864-8539 to meet with membership and take a tour of the beautiful main clubhouse.