Want to Play Golf at a Country Club in South Florida? Take a Look at The Unique Memberships at the Club at Boca Pointe

Winter is coming and your country club is closing down in the north. You are about ready to come to South Florida for the season and now you ask:  “Where am I going to play golf?”

You have three essential choices in Boca Raton or anywhere in South Florida:

  1. You can play a number of municipal courses in the area where you have carry your bag to and from each time, where you never know how slow the round is going to play or whether or not you can even get a tee off during the season.
  2. If you can buy into any number of country clubs in South Florida that offer unlimited golf. But you will be paying hefty up front fees for the bond or initiation because the country clubs are mandatory where if own you MUST become a member of the club. If you rent in any of the mandatory country clubs, you still maybe limited in playing golf.
  3. Or you can take advantage of the only country club in South Florida that offers you flexible memberships for snowbirds, snowflakes or permanent new residents no matter where you live in South Florida.

That is the Club at Boca Pointe, where you can pick and choose the membership plan that fits your personal needs for golf without the financial commitment associated with country clubs. Because it is non-mandatory the Club allows new members to become either Annual Golf Members or Premier Members.

The difference between the two offerings is simple.  Annual golf provides members with the opportunity to play unlimited golf, bag room storage, locker and the ability to lunch on days golf is played, limited dining privileges and the opportunity to participate in men’s and women’s leagues and other golf special events.  Also, this always for seven-day tee time signup, which is very attractive to new members

The Premier Membership with golf allows for the members to purchase memberships for as little as three months to 12 months in the first year and from four months to 12 months after the first year.

This membership incorporates the full run of the club from use of the Sports and Fitness Center, full dining privileges at any of the club’s venues, card rooms and special events as well as full golf privileges as outlined above.  Tennis can also be added to a Premier Membership with or without golf.

“It’s very simple,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the Club at Boca Pointe, “our club is structured in such a unique way that actually allows people to define their own lifestyle by designing a membership that fits their needs as a seasonal visitor or a new permanent resident to the Boca Raton area.  That philosophy coupled with the fact that you do not have to live at Boca Pointe to play here, makes us a unique asset in providing a country club experience without the financial commitments usually associated with country clubs.

Rains, Aggressive Maintenance Program Equals a Plush Golf Course at the Club at Boca Pointe

A little rain here, a couple of spritzes of fertilizer, aggressive weed control and a well-structured aeration program and what do you have?

One beautiful golf course…and that is the Club at Boca Pointe’s 18-hole golf course.

One of the members said it best:

            “The women of the South Palm Women’s Golf League praised the golf course after one of their weekly tournaments by being in excellent condition, said Sue Getz, a Club at Boca Pointe Premier Member.

This group plays weekly at different golf courses in Palm Beach County, a hotbed of golfing all year long.

Many of the men from other country clubs who have played in their South Palm Beach County League have made similar comments during their weekly play.

          “The summer rain has been a definite help,” says Buck Deibel, Director of Golf who also oversees golf course maintenance.  “We are working very closely with our maintenance team where we have instituted some aggressive programs that are being to reap good results.

“One of the areas that we paying special attention to us our tee boxes that get heavy play during the winter season.  We will rebuild some while others we are using temporary tees so that the boxes can heal.”

What is especially exciting is that the golf course is it such great shape as the Club at Boca Pointe awaits the return of its equity members and Premier Members.

The Club at Boca Pointe is a non-mandatory club—the only full service country club in South Florida where do you not have to live at Boca Pointe in order to play there and without any financial commitment.

The Club at Boca Pointe features two very unique membership programs:

  • The Premier Membership, which enables members to have the benefits of a country club lifestyle commensurate to the length of their stay in South Florida.  For the first year, membership runs from four months to 12 months and for the second year and every year thereafter, it is a three-month minimum to 12 months.  The basic membership includes full run of the club from social, card rooms, dining, social events and use of the new Sports and Fitness Center.  Golf and tennis can be added as necessary.
  • Annual golf is also available for those that only want to play on the plush course.  The memberships includes full run of the course, card fees and limited dining privileges.

Fairways are Firm; The Greens Are Fast As The Club at Boca Pointe Readies For New Season

How long does it take for grass to grow or to mature on a golf course?  There’s no clear-cut answer because of many unknown factors such as weather conditions.

But for the Club at Boca Pointe, the 18-hole golf course is showing what Celebration grass is supposed to look like—beautiful, firm fairways that are providing for outstanding play.

“We did the front nine three years ago and the back nine two years ago.  With a strong maintenance management program, we are finally seeing how playable and beautiful Celebration grass is,” says Buck Deibel, Director of Golf for the Club at Boca Pointe, the only country club in South Florida that provides flexible membership programs.”

Aside from the well-manicured golf course, what sets the Club at Boca Pointe from other country clubs in South Florida is the flexible program that allows members to define their own membership without the financial commitment associated with private clubs.

There is the popular Premier Membership program allows members to join the club for as little as three months to 12 months and four to 12 from the second year on.  This incorporates full golf privileges.

In addition, there are annual golf membership programs that enable the member to play unlimited golf without using other facilities at the club.

The Club at Boca Pointe works with one of the top national golf course management companies that not only provides on-site staffing, but the capability of bringing to the club top agronomists and other specialists to help maintain the 18-hole course in top condition.

“And it’s working,” beams Deibel.  “Our greens have recovered from the normal summer maintenance; the fairways are playing true as we continue working on tee boxes and weed control.”

One of the Club’s Premier Golf Members recently played in a South County Women’s Golf League Tournament at Boca Pointe and said: “The SPWGL thought Boca Pointe golf course was in excellent condition. They complemented us on the food as well as how efficiently the tournament was run.”


copy-homegraphic1.jpg“Membership has its privileges,” says one famous credit card company as its major marketing theme.  The same message resonates among members at the Club at Boca Pointe! Membership at the Club not only offers many exciting privileges to fill your calendar, but it is also designed with several exceptionally unique benefits.

There are three major differences that separate the Club at Boca Pointe from other equity country club communities in the South Florida area.

First, you can enjoy all the opportunities the Club provides WITHOUT the typical financial commitment of an equity country club community. Translated, this means new members may join with no upfront costs such as equity, bonds or initiation fees.

Secondly, the Club at Boca Pointe is the only full service country club that offers flexible non-equity memberships for both those who live in Boca Pointe and those who live outside the gates. This is the mantra for the Club: developing new membership programs that are appealing to the diverse group of demographics in the area.  In other words, the Club has a membership program to fit many personal lifestyle and needs.

Thirdly and by no means lastly, the members create an inviting atmosphere to all of the membership types.  Each of the country clubs in South Florida has a unique persona, including this Club.  The persona of the Club at Boca Pointe is one to be proud of – it has the warmest, friendliest and most caring members with no airs or pretenses.

It is common to walk through the beautiful Club and have members smile and say hello to you whether or not they know you or your stature in the community. Whether you rent or own, live on or off the premises, are year-round or spend a few months at the Club, there is a program designed to give you the country club experience and a membership to welcome you aboard.

The Club at Boca Pointe is always proactively listening and introducing new appealing membership opportunities.  It is an exciting environment.  The Club already offers many flexible, non-equity memberships along with the opportunity to be an equity member.

As an equity member, you are part owner in the club, have voting rights and may serve on the Board.  In addition to these exclusive privileges, equity members receive complimentary houseguest passes for visiting adult children and grandchildren, six complimentary golf rounds  for guests of golf equity members, advanced reservations to high profile social events, along with  many other perks.  All equity members have full usage of the Sports & Fitness Complex, pool, card rooms, robust social events, and dining facilities – three restaurants and two lounges, along with privileges to play tennis and golf, driven by the membership category chosen.

Members often desire to start as a non-equity member knowing they have the option to become an equity member at any time.  We currently offer five very appealing non-equity options with varied membership periods, from 30 days to seasonal to year-round.  The following provides a good introduction to these memberships:

  • Premier Membership (Seasonal to Year Round membership)

This is our most popular program offered to residents and non-residents of Boca Pointe. There are eight categories of selection in this option ranging from a Club (Social) membership to adding various Golf and Tennis combinations.  The total dues depend on how many consecutive months are taken and the category level chosen.

The Premier membership is for those living in the Boca Raton area for at least three consecutive months the first year.  For the second membership year and thereafter, a minimum of four consecutive months is required for membership. Similar to the equity member, all of the Premier categories include full usage of the Sports & Fitness Complex, pool, card rooms, robust social events, and dining facilities – three restaurants and two lounges, along with privileges to play tennis and golf, driven by the membership category chosen.

To view our current Club Life for a better understanding of the programs our Social Director arranges for Equity and non-equity Premier members to enjoy, please visit the home page of our website (www.bocapointecc.com) and click on “The Club,” “Social,” “Download our Club Life.”

  • Annual Golf Membership (12 Month membership)

This is offered to resident and non-residents of Boca Pointe.  It is popular to those who are purely interested in the golf amenities with some dining privileges.


As an Annual Golf member, golf play is available in the morning or afternoon and the cart and green fees are included. Additionally, this category includes bag storage and locker for one or two (based on availability) as well as unlimited access to the golf driving range and short game complex along with a 7 day in advance sign-up privilege.

Annual Golf members may enjoy lunch, brunch, dinner on Thursday nights, and lounge privileges with minimal restrictions. For the first year of membership only, pro-rating is permitted based on joining the 1st of any given month after the start of the fiscal year (September 1st to August 31st).

The next three non-equity memberships are available to “new” members only; new members are considered residents and non-residents of Boca Pointe who are not current or former members of the country club.

  • Sports & Fitness Memberships (12 Month membership)

The Sports & Fitness and Sports & Fitness with Golf memberships are perfect for residents and non-residents of Boca Pointe who are mainly interested in sports and fitness activities with some dining privileges.  It entitles the member (single or couple) to use the tennis facilities, Sports & Fitness Complex (including the Club pool and Freshe Pointe Café), and golf course with golf access at specific times.

Additionally, this membership grants access to the main clubhouse’s “To-Go” menu and designated days for dinner (in the main clubhouse), which include unlimited weekend dining privileges (Saturday and Sunday) and dinner privileges on Tuesday and Thursday in the main clubhouse.  Happy Hour is available with golf or dining reservations on those designated days.


For the first year of membership only, pro-rating is permitted based on joining the 1st of any given month after the start of the fiscal year (September 1st to August 31st).

  • Passport Membership (30 Day membership)

This is popular for residents and non-residents of Boca Pointe who are not in the Boca Raton area often or desire to use a club on a limited basis. It offers 30 days of Club usage in a year and includes full Club privileges, including the Sports & Fitness Complex, pool, card rooms, and dining facilities – three restaurants and two lounges, along with privileges to play tennis and golf.  The membership excludes social events, club events and dining/golf reciprocals.

For this membership, tennis is available at the 7:30 a.m. court time and after 11:30 a.m. on a complimentary basis, and golf is available on a pay and play basis before 8 a.m. and after 12:15 p.m. with a two day advance sign up privilege. Access to departments is subject to availability.

The Passport membership may be purchased once every six months for a maximum of two passport memberships within 365 days.

  • Annual Tennis Membership (12 Month membership)

This is popular for residents and non-residents of Boca Pointe who are avid tennis players.  Tennis is available in the morning and afternoon on a complimentary basis.

Annual Tennis members are eligible to be on tennis teams, attend clinics, attend “tennis only” social functions, participate in club championships, use the ball machine, and take lessons with tennis professionals. Fees may apply.  Annual Tennis members have access to the Freshe Pointe Café & Patio.  Annual Tennis members do not have access to the main clubhouse to dine unless it is part of a “tennis” event.

Noteworthy, unmarried children and grandchildren under 22 years of age are considered dependents and part of the membership.  The only exception to this policy is with the Sports & Fitness and Annual Tennis memberships in which those dependents must be residing in the household to be part of your membership.

How could there be more, right?  There is…

For former equity members who left the Club prior to September 1, 2013 (have been away from the Club for at least 3 fiscal years), there are several Alumni equity programs available along with reactivating their equity membership.  The Club offers a 7 to 12 month Alumni Premier Social or Tennis membership, a 12 month Alumni Annual Golf membership, and a 12 month Alumni Annual Tennis membership.

Unquestionably, the Club at Boca Pointe is the most flexible non-mandatory equity club in South Florida! The Club is progressive and constantly looking to modernize itself for member appeal.

Did you know that the Club at Boca Pointe has completed many projects to make it even more popular to join?  These enhancements include renovating the 18-hole championship golf course, opening of the new state-of-the-art Sports & Fitness Complex conveniently located by the clubhouse, redesigning the clubhouse’s main lobby upstairs as well as redesigning the downstairs restaurant, bar and lobby.  Ask any member – the members are enjoying a fabulous new era at the Club!

We would treasure having you as part of the Boca Pointe family as well!  Why not call 561-864-8539 to learn more about your membership options so you, too, can enjoy this gem, the Club at Boca Pointe!?!


By Lori DeibelMember Services Director | The Club at Boca Pointe | 561- 864-8539

Boca Raton Golf Club  Can you believe the “season” is almost over?!  Off-season always creeps up faster than we expect, and with a new season always comes healthy change. 

For members at the Club at Boca Pointe who are year-round Floridians, it typically means saying goodbye to seasonal members who are near and dear but looking towards next year’s reunion while enjoying the summer. It also means a time of less traffic in the community, more room for a Friday night dinner at the main dining room or even a Saturday dinner at the club’s sparkling new Grand Café, which has become one of the hot new restaurants for members and their guests.

Just as springtime ushers in the growth and renewal of plant life, spring and summertime at the Club at Boca Pointe ushers in its own “growing season” for the Club’s upgraded fairways.  With the fairways cleared and Celebration grass planted over the 2014 and 2015 summers, each season the grass grows in thicker and the play is better!

This off-season is also ushering in the completion of the renovations in the golf area for the Club at Boca Pointe.  “Plans are being finalized for the makeover of the men’s locker room and the golf pro shop,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the Club.  “This project is scheduled to start in May with an estimated completion before the start of the new season.

“Both areas will get a new fresh look and provide a very warm feeling for the men and for the golfers who go through the pro shop regularly.  We are excited with the plans and the enhancement this will add to the Club. The facilities have been designed to match the needs of the membership as well as the décor of the beautifully new designed downstairs lobby, Grand Café and lounge. 

“This is not just a freshening of the pro shop.  It is a completely new makeover with space for Buck Deibel, our director of golf, and Rick McGee, our golf professional.  It also provides the all-important check-in desk with the club’s outstanding staff behind it. Space for retail sales has been designed to be commensurate to what our members have been purchasing over the years.”

In addition to the final stage construction for the golf department, the Club will have a few additional upgrades. The new Grand Café will have its final construction phase with the addition of an outdoor seating area and the Club’s driveway and valet will be getting a facelift.

Concurrent to the end of the season is also the beginning of the full growing season for the golf course. While the new Celebration grass planted over a two-year period is taking hold nicely, tee boxes will continue to be groomed, and the Club may also undertake enlarging some of the tees to accommodate the amount of play.

Unlike most clubs in South Florida, the beauty of the Club at Boca Point’s programs is that you do not have to live in Boca Pointe to play there.  If you want to know more, please call 561-864-8539!




How would you like to walk across Manhattan without the trek to New York City?  Sound good…maybe even exciting if you are from the Big Apple!  This is an example of one of the creative workouts hosted at the Sports and Fitness Complex at the Club at Boca Pointe for members looking for a new fitness challenge!

bp-ac-frontEach year this unique program selects a new destination.  Last year, the Sports & Fitness Center focused the event on the state of Florida. “Members like something fresh and different to help keep them get excited about fitness,” says Sherri Giannone, director of athletics.  “The Florida program last year was very successful hence this year we turned to New York City and enjoyed another great turn out from the members.”

What’s next?  You can rest assure, new programs and challenges coupled with fun activities.  Offering fresh ideas is important not only to our existing members, but also to those becoming members for the first time.

“Many of our programs are designed with new members in mind, especially those falling into the Boomer category,” adds Ms. Giannone.  The Club at Boca Pointe enjoys a wide array of members from various age demographics.

The Club at Boca Pointe is the only country club in South Florida with a flexible membership program.  Members can enjoy the full benefits of a country club lifestyle without the traditional equity financial commitments.  The Club at Boca Pointe is a non-mandatory equity club and you do not have to live in the Boca Pointe community to enjoy it!

boca-pointe-156-1The most popular membership offering at the Club is the Premier membership, which offers great flexibility to meet your lifestyle. It allows members to define their own lifestyle by choosing their level of participation ranging from social, golf and tennis.  All of the Premier membership categories include full usage of the new Sports & Fitness Complex, pool, card rooms, robust social events, and dining facilities – three restaurants and two lounges, along with privileges to play tennis and golf, driven by the membership category chosen.    boca-pointe-219golf-double-men

There are also other special memberships, one of which is Sports & Fitness membership that focuses on sports with some dining privileges.  It includes full access to the Sports & Fitness Complex, the Club pool, and tennis as well as some golf and dining privileges.

For the “Walking Across Manhattan” program, it was a lot of fun!  Every time you worked out, took a class or swam in the pool, etc., a marker with your name was on it was moved from site to site on a map of New York City!

Starting at Lincoln Center, the walk took you through the Central Park Zoo, Times Square, and Macy’s Department Store to Chelsea, the Brooklyn Bridge and many more. The winner of the contest received a Complimentary Training Session on the Pilates Reformer.

If these creative, fun workouts sound exciting to you, please feel welcome to call 561-864-8551 to set up a tour of the Sports & Fitness Complex or just call membership at 561-864-8539 to learn more about the best membership for you to get started today!


BOCA POINTE 191golf foursome.jpgSeason always brings a full calendar of golf events for the Ladies Golf Association (LGA) and Men’s Golf Association (MGA) at the Club at Boca Pointe.  Every year, the Golf Committee along with the golf staff puts together an exciting competitive calendar to accompany the robust social golf program.

The LGA typically plays its events on Tuesdays while the MGA plays on Wednesdays.  In addition to the tournament schedule, there is the ever-popular monthly Mixer, usually themed to what is happening in a particular month, i.e., Halloween or Thanksgiving. Often following the Mixer is a fun social dinner to mix and mingle among fellow golfers.

If you like to play in competition, there are also several tournaments that fall outside of the two associations such as the Member-Guest, Member-Member, and Governors Cup. Golfers have great fun playing at their flight level for 9 or 18 holes!

The leagues and competition are open to all golf members, which includes Equity and Premier full golf members as well as the Annual Golf members.  The Club at Boca Pointe is the only country club in South Florida that offers the benefits of a private golf experience without the typical buy-in financial commitment of an equity country club.

Members can live anywhere they choose and still play at the Club at Boca Pointe.  Members even have the option of joining seasonally for as few as three months the first year and as few as four months the second year and thereafter.  This allows great flexibility for members to customize their membership while in South Florida, whether for part of the year or the full year.

Here is a sampling of the tournament schedule in the height of season:

DECEMBER 2016 – Already Enjoyed

  • 2 – MGA 2 Man Challenge, Round 1
  • 6 – LGA Opening Day Scramble | LGA Shotgun and Opening Luncheon
  • 7 – MGA Opening Day, 8:30 Shotgun and Lunch
  • 9 – MGA 2 Man Challenge, Round 2
  • 13 – LGA Team Stableford
  • 14 – MGA 2 Man Challenge, Round 3 & Color War
  • 17 – MGA 2 Man Challenge, Final Round
  • 20 – LGA No League Play (Christmas)
  • 21 – MGA Ryder Cup

JANUARY 2017 – Already Enjoyed

  • 3 – LGA Silly Sixes
  • 4 – MGA Six, Six, Six, Pick your partner
  • 10 – LGA Pink Day Charity |  LGA Shotgun and Dutch Treat Luncheon
  • 11 – MGA Forward and Back, 2 Best Balls
  • 14 – MGA Men’s Club Championship, Round 1 
  • 15 – MGA Men’s Club Championship, Round 2
  • 17 – LGA Money in the Bank
  • 18 – MGA Odd 3 Best Balls/Even 2 Best Balls
  • 20 – MGA Men’s Club Championship, Round 3
  • 22 – MGA Men’s Club Championship Super Sunday
  • 24 – LGA Orange Ball, 1 BB
  • 25 – MGA Best Drive, Best Ball
  • 31 – LGA 2 Lady Challenge, Round 1


  • Sunday, October 23rd – Halloween Mixer
  • Sunday, November 23rd – Thanksgiving Day Mixer
  • Sunday, December 11th – Opening Mixer & Dinner Dance
  • Sunday, January 8th – Winter Mixer
  • Sunday, February 5th – Super Bowl Mixer
  • Sunday, March 12th – St. Patrick’s Day Mixer
  • Sunday, April 2nd – Closing Mixer & Dinner Dance

The tournament formats vary so much that it is a lot of fun, and since it is by flights, you can play with similar level golfers.  The Mixers are scrambles and run as a shotgun so the pace is good and the smiles are abundant on the golf course.  Rest assure, new friendships form often and quickly and last a lifetime. Competition at the Club is serious for some and casual for others.  There are also many members who like to just play socially.  Whatever your game is, why not call membership today at 561-864-8539 to learn more about how you can start your golf membership today!


“To Reveille” or “to sound Reveille” has been popularized in summer camps as the “tune” that signals that it is time to wake up,” whether the bugle call is actually sounded or not.

At the Club at Boca Pointe, “Reveille” has been sounding all summer long for those who stay at the Club at Boca Pointe during the summer, there was plenty of action and plenty of ways to escape the heat.

boca-pointe-205-1The “Reveille” is now sounding at a higher pitch as the fall season is nearing and the return of the snowbirds is imminent. As the fall season harkens, the calendars are beginning to fill up.  “We have more than 300 events already locked in on our calendar,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the only country club in South Florida that offers seasonal memberships without the traditional financial commitment typically associated with clubs.
“The summer season was certainly busy, especially with the construction of the new Grande Café.  The card rooms continued to be busy while members also found ways to beat the heat on the golf course and tennis courts. Our Sports & Fitness Complex had several new activities that attracted people who aerobics roomdo not usually work out.”

“Reveille must be sounding,” says the smiling general manager, “because the Club is getting many, many more inquiries about our unique Premier membership program that appeals to those who will be visiting South Florida for a few months this winter.  This includes people who own or rent properties as far away as 15 to 30 minutes.

“Many people want the same country club experience they are accustomed to where they live up north.  These snowbirds are used to driving to their club so driving to the Club at Boca Pointe while wintering is South Florida is welcomed.  Boca Pointe members can be found in many of the surrounding areas to the Club, including Highland Beach to Pompano Beach and anywhere along the AIA corridor.”

The Club at Boca Pointe is the only country club that offers a Premier membership where the members can definite their own lifestyle and enjoy the amenities without the typical financial commitments such as equity fees, bonds or initiation fees. The Premier membership allows the members to join the Club for as little as three consecutive months up to 12 months the first year and from four months to 12 months thereafter.

boca-pointe-187-golfPremier memberships start with basic club (social) privileges with an option to add tennis and / or golf privileges.  Social privileges include usage of the Sports & Fitness Complex, all the dining facilities – three restaurants and two lounges, and card and Mah Jongg rooms, as well as access to the busiest, most active social calendar in South Florida whether it be for couples or singles.

For those who only want to mainly play golf in a private club atmosphere on an 18-hole championship golf course, the Club at Boca Pointe also offers an Annual Golf membership.

“We have a comprehensive membership offering,” Ms. Karpel adds.  “The beauty of the program is that it is attracting members from all over the United States, Canada and even London. Many, of course, are from the Northeast Corridor.  Once a Premier members gets a taste of the Club, they will hear the “Reveille” call played every season.”

Do you hear it now?  Why not call 561-864-8537 to learn more about all of the membership options available to you!


Summer time on beautiful South Florida golf courses welcome those rainy days. You know the nursery rhyme, “Rain, rain, go away, come back another day …” Well, that is not how the lyrics go on warm summer days at the Club at Boca Pointe!

“Rain is like liquid gold for golf courses,” says Buck Deibel, director of golf and one of the few PGA Master Golf Instructors in South Florida. All eyes are looking up at the blue cloudless sky and waiting for the one big rain drop to fall from the sky to start the summer shower. South Florida rain showers are peculiar; it can be raining on one side of the building and not the other side.

“We’re finally getting the rainy season that is so typical of South Florida. The golf course needs water…it is the food that keeps the grass growing,” explains Deibel. “We are completing the necessary maintenance of the course including aerating the greens, punching and verticutting the fairways. We have already begun to see what rain will do as the greens heal and the fairways bounce back to a plush turf.”

In addition to the normal and necessary maintenance program during the summer, the Club at Boca Pointe has been aggressive in treating weeds in the roughs. To complement these efforts, the Club is also completing a number of projects before the new season:

  • Lake bank restoration: This includes reclaiming the soil off the banks that washed overtime and will be sodding in these areas.
  • Bunker Refreshing: Fresh sand will be added to all the bunkers in late in early fall. This will help our course pop with clean white sand.
  • Tee Box Expansion: Select holes will be enhanced in early fall.

“When our members return, they will be pleased with the progress that has been made this summer on the golf course.” Deibel explains. “New members will also find our 18-hole championship golf course just what they are looking for!”

The Club welcomes you to call at 561-864-8539 to learn about the many golf membership options available to you! Click here to learn more about our Boca Raton Golf Courses at our Boca Raton Golf Club.


Boca Raton Golf Club  Your passion is golf … You have a low handicap and perhaps you like a competitive game. Maybe, you carry a mid-to-high handicap and enjoy the social aspects of playing. Is the challenge of a tournament or the friendly aspect of a Mixer your preference? Moreover, maybe you are a beginner and want to take some lessons and just play nine holes.

“What’s your game?” Buck Deibel, director of golf at the Club at Boca Pointe, will ask you as a new member to the only club in South Florida where members can actually define their lifestyle and select a year round or seasonal membership while staying in the area. Whatever your interest level is in golf, there is something for you at the Club at Boca Pointe, where membership does not depend on living in the community.

“We have activities for all levels of golfers,” says Deibel who is in a select group of Master PGA Golf Professionals in the country. “We have players who like to play with other couples; we have ladies and men of similar handicaps that meet up throughout the week to create their own tournament amongst themselves; we have players who like to mix it up and play with other members of all handicap levels; and we have members who have regular weekly foursomes.

“As for tournaments, during the season we have the Ladies Golf Association and the Men’s Golf Association, which members have the option to join. This provides weekly Club run tournaments during the season. The tournaments offer different formats every week for all level of players, as well as for eighteen and nine holes. There are also tournaments for non-league members such as the traditional Member Guest.

“We enjoy meeting with new golf members for a brief orientation that covers basic local rules and course etiquette, as well as walk them through what the Club offers in the way of golf events, such as the monthly themed Mixer, which is usually followed by a special lunch or dinner.” Deibel further explains. Through this process, golf members quickly meet fellow golfers and enjoy the friendly atmosphere that permeates the whole club.

Clearly, the Club at Boca Pointe’s beautifully renovated 18 hole championship golf course offers something for everyone! Please feel welcome to call membership today at 561-864-8539 to learn about the many golf membership options for your lifestyle!

To learn more…