Burgers & Beer Night Lights Up The Palate for Members, Guests at the Club at Boca Pointe

Burger:  a sandwich consisting of a bun, a cooked beef patty, and often-other ingredients such as cheese, onion slices, lettuce, or condiments. But at the Club at Boca Pointe, Burger and Beer Night took on an entire different meaning.

Yes, the some 200 diners in the new Grand Café at the Club at Boca Pointe had the opportunity to enjoy the typical beef patty burger, made to order.  Or for the more adventuresome members they were able to branch out by ordering:

Prime burgers, a typical prime-only beef burger with the usually assortment of toppings and it made to offer.  Members had their Prime Burger built to suit with the traditional dressings available to them.  Members gobbled up nearly 100 Prime Burgers for more than 65 pounds of beef to lead the way on this unusual

Home on the Range Bison burger:  In second place on the popularity list was the Bison Burger, like in Buffalo.  Tender, this meat has the lowest fat content of any burger.  This went for nearly 30 with about 40 pounds of meat.

Third on the popularity list was the All American with nearly 25 members and guests picking this one.  Nearly 28 pounds of meat was used. Featured with this burger was a fried egg.

Not to be forgotten was the Turkey Burger, was the choice of more than 20 members for about 12 pounds of freshly made turkey paddies.

Of course for non-meat lovers, the Salmon Burger was consumed by 15 members for about 8 pounds of this popular fish.

A mixed up Burger consisting of lamb and other beefs was the choice of 12 members for another 15 pounds of the mixed meats.

All burgers were cooked to order and members were able to choose their own toppings to what ever suited their palate. In total, 160 pounds of patties were consumed by the membership along with a suggested paired beer or wine.

Of course, what would burger night be without pairing with a beer in general or a craft beer in particular? Guess what were the popular beers?  Not the usual brands.  Winners were Barrel of Monkeys and White Wizard  both craft beers from Boca Raton.

What’s next in fun dinning at the only club in South Florida that is non-mandatory with flexible memberships with no traditional equity or initiation fee?

 The Flexible Membership program highlights:

  • Premier Memberships which are available from 3 months to 12 months for the first year and from 4 to 12 every year thereafter.  This include full run of all dining, fitness, social and card room activities.  Golf and tennis can easily be added.
  • Golf Plus.  This designed for those only interested in playing golf.  The memberships include all golf privileges of signing up seven-days in advance, locker room, bag room and cart fees are all inclusive.  Dining and lounge usage is available on days of play with dining additionally on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What’s next?  Pizza Night, Pasta Night, South of the Border night!  Who knows what Executive Chef Terry Daniels will dream up to provide another unique dining experience for his club members?

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