By Lori DeibelMember Services Director | The Club at Boca Pointe | 561- 864-8539

Boca Raton Golf Club  Can you believe the “season” is almost over?!  Off-season always creeps up faster than we expect, and with a new season always comes healthy change. 

For members at the Club at Boca Pointe who are year-round Floridians, it typically means saying goodbye to seasonal members who are near and dear but looking towards next year’s reunion while enjoying the summer. It also means a time of less traffic in the community, more room for a Friday night dinner at the main dining room or even a Saturday dinner at the club’s sparkling new Grand Café, which has become one of the hot new restaurants for members and their guests.

Just as springtime ushers in the growth and renewal of plant life, spring and summertime at the Club at Boca Pointe ushers in its own “growing season” for the Club’s upgraded fairways.  With the fairways cleared and Celebration grass planted over the 2014 and 2015 summers, each season the grass grows in thicker and the play is better!

This off-season is also ushering in the completion of the renovations in the golf area for the Club at Boca Pointe.  “Plans are being finalized for the makeover of the men’s locker room and the golf pro shop,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the Club.  “This project is scheduled to start in May with an estimated completion before the start of the new season.

“Both areas will get a new fresh look and provide a very warm feeling for the men and for the golfers who go through the pro shop regularly.  We are excited with the plans and the enhancement this will add to the Club. The facilities have been designed to match the needs of the membership as well as the décor of the beautifully new designed downstairs lobby, Grand Café and lounge. 

“This is not just a freshening of the pro shop.  It is a completely new makeover with space for Buck Deibel, our director of golf, and Rick McGee, our golf professional.  It also provides the all-important check-in desk with the club’s outstanding staff behind it. Space for retail sales has been designed to be commensurate to what our members have been purchasing over the years.”

In addition to the final stage construction for the golf department, the Club will have a few additional upgrades. The new Grand Café will have its final construction phase with the addition of an outdoor seating area and the Club’s driveway and valet will be getting a facelift.

Concurrent to the end of the season is also the beginning of the full growing season for the golf course. While the new Celebration grass planted over a two-year period is taking hold nicely, tee boxes will continue to be groomed, and the Club may also undertake enlarging some of the tees to accommodate the amount of play.

Unlike most clubs in South Florida, the beauty of the Club at Boca Point’s programs is that you do not have to live in Boca Pointe to play there.  If you want to know more, please call 561-864-8539!

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