On one hand, there was the PGA in Palm Beach Gardens and on the other hand there was the Club at Boca Pointe! Interesting choice, one might say!

Not so for Sandy and Mark Goldberg, transplants from Pittsburgh. “Hands downs,” says Mark, a semi-retired attorney, “the Club at Boca Pointe wins!  No questions about it.” And, seven years later, they are almost full-time residents at Boca Pointe and Premier members of the Club.

“I had previously belonged to another country club in Boca so was somewhat familiar with the area; I had also previously rented for several years at the PGA Club in Palm Beach Gardens where I have some friends.  The PGA Club is more of a resort than a country club. You never felt like you “belonged,” where as in a true country club environment, there is a much greater sense of family, camaraderie and being part of something special.”

Of all the country clubs in South Florida why did the Goldbergs choose the Club at Boca Pointe?  In his own words:

  • The Club offered several different membership opportunities that were very flexible and reasonable and met my needs.
  • The available rental properties were lovely and reasonable.
  • The location of Boca Pointe is fabulous, right between Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, with easy access to both places by I-95 or the Turnpike.
  • The people are very welcoming and friendly.

“After renting for three years, we decided this was the place for us and we found a fantastic apartment overlooking the Clubhouse and the golf course through one of the people I play golf with,” explains Mark. “After moving into our remodeled condo, we can’t believe how fortunate we are to be here.

“Among the many things that attracted us to the Club at Boca Ponte was the flexible membership program that is offered under their Premier membership program.  No other country club in Florida offers this type of membership. We are able to join and pay dues only for the number of months we intend to be in Florida. We have gone from three months to 9 or 10 months this year – maybe 12 months next year!”

The Club at Boca Pointe is the only club in South Florida where members can enjoy an equity country club experience without requiring an equity buy-in or the other typical country club financial commitments.  It is the only club offering a Premier membership program where the members get to choose what level of activities they wish to participate in.  Memberships are available for three months to 12 months in the first year and then from four months to 12 months thereafter with opportunities for club/social, golf and tennis.  There are also opportunities for annual memberships for golf and tennis only.

“We are considered full time members with all the privileges,” Mark added. “We are a very integral part of the country club community – attend meetings, most social functions, Men’s and Women’s golf leagues, yearly religious services, and the sports and fitness complex.  There are plenty of activities at the Club that one could be busy every day and night.

“Perhaps the most wonderful part of the Club at Boca Pointe is the people. We have made so many new friends here, and I mean friends. Our social life consists of golf events and mixers where you can select your partner or the golf pro will match you up (a wonderful way to meet new people); we also attend dinners and dinner parties, lectures, live shows, card games, and the list goes on and on.

“We would be remiss if we did not talk about the Club staff, which is beyond description. I have belonged to other very high profile country clubs both in Pittsburgh and in South Florida, nowhere is the staff better, more accomplished, friendly and accommodating than here at Boca Pointe. 

“The dining room staff is unbelievable, most of whom have been at the Club for many years. They know your name and greet you when you enter and during the meal, they know and remember your favorite drink, always with a big smile on their faces. The golf course staff is so friendly and always willing to assist in arranging a golf game on short notice and introducing new members and getting them involved.

“The food is unbelievable and I consider myself somewhat of a foodie. Chef Terry prepares some of the finest selections of gastronomical delights, from Friday night brisket and salmon dinners to specialty meals throughout the week; there are ever changing menus that are very diversified and always special holiday dinners … but, I must warn you, you must watch out or the pounds will keep multiplying!!! Desserts, happy hours – what more can I say – I love it!

“The physical facilities at the Club are first class as well! The Club has undertaken an extensive remodeling refurbishing project over the past several years: the golf course fairways and tee boxes were redone in the last two years, a new state-of-the-art sports and fitness complex was opened last year, the main clubhouse lobby meeting areas and downstairs restaurant were also beautifully and tastefully redone.

“My wife Sandy and I would, without question, recommend the Club at Boca Pointe to anyone who wants to spend just a few months or longer in paradise.” If this is you, the Club welcomes you to call 561-864-8539 to ask questions and learn more about the membership programs, and if you want to taste and feel Mark’s experience, we invite you to set up an appointment to talk in person and take a tour.

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