When you join the Club at Boca Pointe, you better have an easy-to-fill-in calendar ready because it is going to fill up fast and be loads of fun!

First, schedule your golf games, tennis games, fitness activities and, of course, figure out which friends you will dine with this week…do that early in the week because you are going to need room for some more exciting activities.  You like it, we have it!

Do you like games?  You can play bridge, canasta or Mah Jongg or just about any other game in the card rooms, but that, too, is the tip of the iceberg. 

There is close to 300 different events scheduled during the year hosted by Jane Young, the social director at the Club at Boca Pointe.  Events range from lectures and seminars on fascinating subjects to off-campus Broadway shows to an on-campus Showtime series at the Club hosting top talent.  The Club at Boca Pointe is proud to host the only FAU Learning Center in South Florida away from the FAU campus, which features top professors.

Can there be more?   The answer: absolutely at the Club at Boca Pointe!  There is always more to keep the members engaged, happy and clamoring for more.  The Club at Boca Pointe is the only country club in South Florida where members can literally define their own membership tenure and type — customizing when and where they want to participate.

That is right! The Club at Boca Pointe is not your typical “father or grandfather’s country club.”  It is a Club for the “happening” people.  Yes, Boca Pointe has the traditional golf course, tennis, and sports & fitness complex, but that is where the “traditional” ends.

“We feature clubs within the country club that are designed to further build friendship where people of like interests can meet and share experiences,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the “happening” Club at Boca Pointe.  “Whenever people of like interests can get together, it just strengthens relations and helps build new friendships.”

Some of the groups are targeted for specific audiences such as the Boomers and Boca Unos and Today Life Continues.  Members can participate in these groups by just checking the calendar each week.  The groups offer a variety of activities catering to a targeted audience.

The biggest club on campus is the Adventurers Club made up of more than 200 members.  Created in the 1990s, the Adventurers Club is dedicated to creating events that members would not normally undertake on their own or through the traditional club activities. For example, how many members would ordinarily journey to Shark Valley, deep in the Florida Everglades or deliver “holiday presents” to the animals at the Miami Zoo or take a special behind-the-scenes tour of the new Miami Marlin Stadium? Probably none, but that is what being in the Adventurers Club gets you.

Then there is the Scam Troupe, founded and produced by Harriet Rubin.  The Scam Troupe is a performing group of members of the Cub at Boca Pointe that presents skits about “scams” that face senior citizens.  The troupe has performed all over Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County at various locations. The Scam Troupe has been the subject of many articles and has been covered on television internationally. 

The newest group is “What’s Up.”  As its name indicates, it features speakers about what is happening in the world around us.  The speakers and subjects are topical and provide members with a unique perspective as to what’s happening today.

The list of Boca Pointe’s interesting clubs within the Club goes on and on.   To name a few more, there is a Camera Club, Volunteer Club, Yiddish Club and Creative Writing Club.  “Many of our members are part of one or more clubs in addition to participating in an extremely active lifestyle,” adds Karpel.  “However, with that said, we also have members who just want to enjoy the casual Boca Pointe lifestyle, and we encourage that as well.”

The Club at Boca Pointe is all about making friends, loving life and creating new memories.  If this sounds like you, the Club encourages you to call 561-864-8539 to learn more about becoming a member.

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