bp-ac-frontgymHow many wannabe fitness people say, “Going to a fitness center is boring!” or “Staying healthy and in shape is boring!”?  Maybe this sounds like you as part of the many people who debate each year about making this a New Year’s resolution.  You want the results but not the drudgery.

aerobics roomThe Club at Boca Pointe has the answer!  It is anything but boring to work out in the Club’s state-of-the-art Sports and Fitness Complex.

“We are always coming up with new programs and classes to keep our members engaged,” says Sherri Giannone, the director of athletics for the only private country club in South Florida offering seasonal memberships through its unique Premier membership program.  To illustrate her point, look at the classes being offered this year alone:

Yin Restorative Yoga: A 60-minute senior Yoga and Stretch class.

Ballet Barre Workout: A 60-minute class using body bars for balance, posture and strength 

Expresso Meditation: A 30-minute class focusing inward.

Expresso Cardio: A 30-minute cardio class with lots of energy.

Burn And Firm: A 60-minute class using the Lebret Bars.

Expresso Tai-Chi: A 45-minute Chinese shadowing boxing class.

Meditation/ Affirmation: A 45 minute class using positive affirmations.

Hoop Core: A 30 minute workout using Hoola – Hoops to focus on the core muscles.

Pointe Theory: A 45 minute class that incorporates cardio and weight training while maintaining a targeted heart rate. 

Then there are unique special events throughout the year.  These include fun fitness opportunities such as:

  • “Walk Across Manhattan” – This member participation program was devised to encourage members to have fun as they keep track of their daily workouts. Once a member completes a workout, a pin with the member’s name on it is moved across a map of Manhattan. The walk begins at Lincoln Center, through Central Park, off to Broadway and around Times Square. It continues downtown to Chelsea, Washington Square Park and to the Brooklyn Bridge. The walk is completed when the participant finishes the walk at the Guggenheim Museum, on the upper east side of Manhattan.
  • “Men’s Health Month” – This series of lectures addresses Men’s Health and how certain concerns change over the course of time. The lectures are scheduled weekly, in order to encourage members to focus on a better and healthier lifestyle.      
  • “Think Pink Fridays” – In order to promote Breast Cancer Awareness and to show support for those affected by Breast Cancer, Boca Pointe members are encouraged to wear pink clothing on Fridays, for the month of October. Participants are given a raffle ticket, to possibly win a training session with a Personal Trainer. 
  • “Lifestyle Changes for the Older Adult” – This series of lectures specifically address how to adopt a Healthy Lifestyle as an older adult.  Different topics such as nutritional counseling, when to visit the Doctor and the appropriate types of exercise.
  • “90 Days to a Better You” – You Don’t Need a New Year to make a change… All you need is Monday!  This 90 day motivational program is designed to help members get into a realistic exercise program, for the New Year. The program begins by meeting a health professional to determine fitness goals. Then, weekly group exercise sessions are scheduled. Nutritional Counseling is available to help keep participants on track.
  • “Health and Fitness Expo” – The purpose of the Expo is to provide the latest and most up to date information from local Health Professionals. The participants are invited to promote their services, to members, in an expo setting. It gives the members an opportunity to ask questions, and seek advice. Informational handouts and mini evaluations are performed.  Some of the participants have included Rehab Therapists, Orthopedics Surgeons, Chiropractors, Optometrists, Nutritional Counselors and Audiologists.
  • “Luck of the Irish” – This member participation program rewards members when they workout, with a gold coin. The member’s name is written on the coin and placed in a Leprechaun Pot, located at the Front Desk. A “Lucky” winner is chosen when their coin is picked Saint Patrick’s Day.  The winner is given a certificate that allows them a complimentary training session with a personal trainer.
  • Easter Egg Hunt- Members bring in children and grandchildren to collect eggs at the egg hunt, filled with toys and candy. The Egg Hunt visited by a special guest, Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit is always available for photos before and after the hunt.
  • Summer Olympics at Boca Pointe – Members “Go for the Gold” at Boca Pointe with this member participation program. Every time a member swims, takes a class, completes a workout or plays table tennis they are given a gold coin. The coins, with the member name on them, are placed in either in the Track and Field, Swimming, Cycling or Table Tennis jar. A winner is selected from each category and given a gift certificate from the club.

Are you excited now?  What a fantastic way to get in shape, stay health and have fun!  Once the workout is done, members can take a dip in the pool on a warm, sunny day – which is about every day in South Florida!  Why not call 561-864-8539 today to learn more about the many membership options that include the Sports & Fitness Complex at the Club at Boca Pointe!

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