boca-pointe-88-1Northerners, Midwesterners and Canadians are starting to receive closing notices at their country club for the winter and possibly the fall! This may be you!

Are you already contemplating how to duplicate that country club golf experience when you are in South Florida for the winter? You may be thinking that your only option is to randomly play pubic golf courses because you are just not in Florida year-round.

Yes, there are plenty of public golf courses in South Florida, but there is nothing like golf in a private, membership friendly country club environment. You have a dedicated locker; your bags are stored; your bags are already on the golf cart when you arrive for your tee time; you can reserve your tee time in advance with new friends or your spouse; you can play in weekly leagues and fun club tournaments; and you have access to a beautiful country club for lunch, dinner and the 19th hole! You definitely don’t get this type of service and amenities on a public course.

Only at the Club at Boca Pointe can you easily slide into that comfortable country club environment that you enjoy so much up north. Too often, northerners do not realize their full golf potential when arriving in South Florida.

The Club at Boca Pointe is your answer! Boca Pointe is a beautiful, private country club in a highly desirable area of South Florida with a unique membership twist that no other private club in South Florida offers. It is a full-service country club that includes a well-manicured 18-hole championship golf course with very progressive and flexible membership offerings to meet your needs:

  • The Club at Boca Pointe is the only private country club in South Florida that you can join and enjoy without making the traditional country club financial commitment (no bond or equity required).
  • It is the only country club in the area that has an extremely successful seasonal membership program that caters to your stay in sunny South Florida.

You do not have to live in the Boca Pointe community to take advantage of its non-equity membership options. You can live anywhere and play at the Club at Boca Pointe, just like you drive to your club at home.

Two of Boca Pointe’s highly popular golf membership programs are:

  1. Premier membership. The basic club/social membership includes use of all of the dining facilities, card / Mah Jongg rooms, the new Sports and Fitness Complex, social events, theme parties, lectures and so forth. This membership is available for three to 12 consecutive months (first year only) and then from four to 12 consecutive months thereafter. Golf and tennis can be added to this membership category.
  1. Annual Golf membership. This is a 12-month membership program designed for those who want to play unlimited golf throughout the year. The program is focused on golf privileges and offers unlimited enjoyment of lunch and brunch and limited dining opportunities. Use of other club facilities is not included in this membership.

“The Premier membership offering has been a huge success for the club,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the only club in South Florida where membership is a privilege and not mandated.  “We designed the Premier membership program and the Annual Golf program to match the needs of those deciding to winter in South Florida and those in South Florida year round.

“We have found over the past few seasons that members who come to South Florida for a limited number of months traditionally find a seasonal rental at the Club or up to 15 to 25 minutes from the Club at Boca Pointe. Once situated, they find the Club at Boca Pointe as their place to play!

“What we have seen is the snowbird starts with a three or four month membership, loves the experience, and then decides to extend their stay. This is especially true if the weather is still inclement in the north or they have begun to look for a permanent winter home.

“Once the new member becomes ‘socialized’ in the Club, it is tough for them to break away whether they are golfers, tennis players or card room buffs. Our equity members embrace the Premier and Annual Golf members. It is like inviting someone to your home for a couple of months.” smiles Ms. Karpel.

If you are headed to South Florida and have not looked into all the Club of Boca Pointe has to offer you, call today at 561-864-8539!

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