Among the questions most people ask when faced with retirement and moving to Florida is: “What will we do to occupy our time, and how do we make new friends?”

Jaime and Eric Wolfthal faced those same questions when they moved from Bayshore, New York to Boca Raton, Florida.

Their criteria was simple:

  • they already had a house in West Boca and did not want to be “forced” to join a country club.
  • they wanted freedom to pick and choose how they wanted to define their new life in Boca Raton.
  • they would be happy living in one place and playing in another similar to their New York environment.

“We picked the Club at Boca Pointe for several reasons. First, the location was perfect and it was the only equity country club that not only offered non-equity memberships but seasonal memberships. Additionally, it did not require us to live on club property or make a major financial commitment,” said the Wolfthals.

“The Premier membership program was crucial in our decision-making. It offered us the flexibility in our first year to be members for only four months. We loved it so much that we extended to six months. The rest is history. We just renewed for 12 months as Premier Members and love it!

“Since we did not live at the Club, we were a little concerned about being accepted, making friends, and fitting in with the other members. Never happened! From day one, we felt readily accepted by everyone and never felt like we were outsiders because we lived off property. No one at the Club at Boca Pointe asks whether you are an equity member or not, nor do they care where you live.”

Eric and Jaime are extremely active in club activities. They are into golf, tennis and fitness. They joined the Boomers Club and can be seen attending social function and dining with friends and family.

“Yes our circle of social friends has most definitely increased. We have enjoyed many of the golf outings, including the member-guest golf tournaments. We have also enjoyed the tennis leagues and tennis mixers. Socially, it is really nice to have a club to go to New Year’s Eve to bring in the New Year with close friends, excellent food and wonderful entertainment!

The Club at Boca Pointe welcomes you to call 561-864-8539 to learn more about one of the top country clubs in Boca Raton and the many membership options available to you!

Click here for more information!

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