Ready (almost), set (yes, we are), go (let’s eat)! Those are the exciting watchwords as the contractors, designers and project managers are putting the finishing touches on the totally new-looking Grand Café to be unveiled in November!

“We are looking forward to our grand opening for the redesigned Grand Café in early November,” beams Helen Karpel, general manager, who has engineered the transformation of nearly the entire clubhouse with the completion of this project.

While you would expect the general manager to be gushing with enthusiasm and pride, members of the Property and Construction Committee have followed the project carefully, including two tours of the unfinished Grand Café. Their positive comments just reinforce the high expectations Boca Pointe always strives to meet for its members.

“From what I saw, the Grand Café will be a total asset to the Club at Boca Pointe.  From the outstanding architectural design to the exceptional workmanship, this will be a grand slam home run.   The club members will be truly excited with the results.  I look forward to the grand opening to see the expression on the members’ faces.  Once again, this will be a win, win, win for the Club and all of its members,” said Neil Soroka.

“The new Grand Café space will create an open and inviting feeling.  The design will provide flexibility that did not exist previously.  We will all want to eat there,” added Jane Fishkoff.

“Those two comments hit on some very important points,” Karpel said. “First, the new look was specifically designed for its open feeling as well as for its flexibility. There is a flow to the dining area from the time you check in at the reception podium to the time you move through the buffet area.

“The size of the lounge has been increased dramatically so that members and their guests have ample room to sit before dinner, enjoy a cocktail, and some light food. There will be a portable dance floor as well as some moveable walls that will allow us total flexibility for various functions,” she added.

“It’s mind blowing to see how you can turn un-functional space into a desirable functioning dining facility,” added Alan Taylor, Board member and Chair of the Property and Construction Committee.

“The light, open feeling of the area coupled with a new, fresh approach to the food offerings will make the Grand Café a highly desirable destination for all of our members and our guests. It will be a grand facility that we will be just as proud of as we are of the Main Dining Room. Our families and guests will want to get a reservation at the new Grand Café,” he added.

The Club at Boca Pointe is dedicated to its members and proud to offer its members beautiful amenities to enjoy. With the completion of the Grand Café, the members now have a new state-of-the-are Sports & Fitness Complex, new upstairs lobby and visiting area, new upgraded golf course, and a new pride in showing off the Club at Boca Pointe!

If you are not a member yet to the Boca Raton best seasonal golf clubs around, the Club welcomes you to visit and learn more about the many membership options. If you are a former member, the Club welcomes you to visit to learn about your options. Members at the Club have an enriched life; the Club wants that for you, too! Call 561-864-8539 to learn more! Or click here for more information.


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