Boca Raton Golf Club  Your passion is golf … You have a low handicap and perhaps you like a competitive game. Maybe, you carry a mid-to-high handicap and enjoy the social aspects of playing. Is the challenge of a tournament or the friendly aspect of a Mixer your preference? Moreover, maybe you are a beginner and want to take some lessons and just play nine holes.

“What’s your game?” Buck Deibel, director of golf at the Club at Boca Pointe, will ask you as a new member to the only club in South Florida where members can actually define their lifestyle and select a year round or seasonal membership while staying in the area. Whatever your interest level is in golf, there is something for you at the Club at Boca Pointe, where membership does not depend on living in the community.

“We have activities for all levels of golfers,” says Deibel who is in a select group of Master PGA Golf Professionals in the country. “We have players who like to play with other couples; we have ladies and men of similar handicaps that meet up throughout the week to create their own tournament amongst themselves; we have players who like to mix it up and play with other members of all handicap levels; and we have members who have regular weekly foursomes.

“As for tournaments, during the season we have the Ladies Golf Association and the Men’s Golf Association, which members have the option to join. This provides weekly Club run tournaments during the season. The tournaments offer different formats every week for all level of players, as well as for eighteen and nine holes. There are also tournaments for non-league members such as the traditional Member Guest.

“We enjoy meeting with new golf members for a brief orientation that covers basic local rules and course etiquette, as well as walk them through what the Club offers in the way of golf events, such as the monthly themed Mixer, which is usually followed by a special lunch or dinner.” Deibel further explains. Through this process, golf members quickly meet fellow golfers and enjoy the friendly atmosphere that permeates the whole club.

Clearly, the Club at Boca Pointe’s beautifully renovated 18 hole championship golf course offers something for everyone! Please feel welcome to call membership today at 561-864-8539 to learn about the many golf membership options for your lifestyle!

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