The Summer Olympics are here, and at the same time, the summer games are ready at the Club at Boca Pointe’s new state-of-the-art Sports & Fitness Complex.

“Even though summer time is usually quiet around the Sports & Fitness Complex, our programs are going forward full speed ahead,” says Sherri Giannone, director of athletics and programming. “One of the keys to our success in keeping our members fit and happy is the diversity of our programs. We are always coming up with new programs…programs that will keep our members excited about coming to the fitness facility.

“Our broad demographic allows us to be very creative in designing new fitness programs that match the needs of varying interests. We have programs and classes that appeal to boomers, millennials, and our traditional country club members. There are more and more working professionals moving into the Boca Pointe community, so the Club is offering a different mix of classes and have even extended the hours of the fitness facility to accommodate them.” explains Ms. Giannone.

Examples of new programs being introduced at the Club at Boca Pointe include:

  • “The Pointe Theory” class: In this class, you are challenged with Cardio Endurance, Weight Training and Fat Burning exercises. This 45-minute workout starts with a five-minute warm-up followed by ten-minute blocks of cardio and weight training intervals. Each block of time is designed for the participant to reach an optimal performance level and achieve the fastest results possible. The workouts incorporate treadmills, elliptical equipment, rower or spin bikes, and free weights ranging between 10 lbs. to 25 lbs., depending on the fitness level of the participant.
  • “Color Stretch” class: This 30-minute class is focused on the importance of stretching and is available in the Activity Center at the Sports Complex. This guided stretch class takes you through a stretch and relaxation session with a colorful background. The Color Stretch class offers something for everyone!

Like its diverse demographics and workout programs, the Club at Boca Pointe offers diverse membership programs that will get you started enjoying all the Club has to offer. These options include the Club’s Premier membership, which allows members to both define their lifestyle and be seasonal members. Memberships at the Club do not require residency in the Boca Pointe community. To learn more about a program at one of the nicest country clubs in Boca Raton, that works for you, please call 561-864-8539. Or click here.


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