BOCA-POINTE 88 (1)Here is a dilemma and solution shared by many! You have reached the stage in life that you are heading towards retirement. You are selling your home, maybe it is your first home or even your dream house, somewhere in the Northeast, Midwest or even Canada.

You are saying goodbye to longtime friends and neighbors (although many of them may have already beaten you to the life of retirement). The kids and grandkids…what to do about them?

Sound familiar? Of course it does! If you are entertaining a move to sunny South Florida – there is a wonderful destination that allows you to make friends, love life and make new memories!

Moving requires change and change can be stressful unless you are moving to Boca Pointe, a friendly community that is easy to fit in! The Boca Pointe community and its surrounding areas continue to be a highly appealing destination for those nearing retirement and for those who just entered the dream world of retirement. It offers not only a wonderful community but a private, friendly country club lifestyle.

Why Boca Pointe?

  • It is the only private, gated country club community in South Florida that allows its members to join regardless of residency. The club happily proclaims, “you don’t have to live here to play here.” Members can live on the beach or even in another gated community. It is similar to the Northeast where members drive 15 or 20 minutes to their playground called a country club.
  • It is the only non-mandatory equity club in beautiful Boca Raton that allows its members to design their own membership around a seasonal or year-round lifestyle in Florida, offering equity and non-equity options.
  • It is the only club where members can enjoy country club life without the costs typically associated with country club privileges.

The Club has many membership options. Its non-equity Premier membership is highly popular due to its enormous flexibility, allowing members to:

  • Select the number of months they want to be members, with the option to take as few as three consecutive months to twelve months the first year and four consecutive months to twelve months from the second year forward.
  • Select among eight membership categories to define their lifestyle. The Club (Social) membership category is the basic platform that includes the new Sports and Fitness Center, swimming pool, dining in three restaurants, lounge and Happy Hour socializing, card room and Mah Jongg play, and a plethora of social events from dinner dances to Broadway Shows to FAU Professors lecturing at the club about various fascinating subjects. Members can also add tennis and golf play in various combinations to the membership.

“The Premier Membership program has been a blessing to those who are entering or considering retirement,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the Club at Boca Pointe. “The Premier program continues to grow because it is meeting the needs of many, including the boomer generation that is showing it does not want to make major equity commitments at this stage of their life.

“It is a totally flexible membership that is controlled by the member and not by the club. This flexibility has enabled the Club at Boca Pointe to further build its reputation as a warm, friendly and embracing club. It is a club where the equity members and Premiers blend into one happy family without the typical feeling of a caste system.”

Isn’t it time for you to call Boca Pointe at 561-864-8539 to learn about its many membership options to make your retirement the best at one of the top country clubs in Boca Raton? Call now!

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