poscard imageWhat do the numbers 860, 350 and 300 have in common?

Unless you are a devotee of numerology, you might scratch your head and say: “it beats me.” As a member of Boca Pointe, however, you may know the answer.

There is a significant relationship between those three numbers, says Helen Karpel, general manager of the Club at Boca Pointe, the only club in South Florida that allows its members to define their own membership without the traditional costs associated with an equity country club.

“Those three numbers are very much related,” she says. “They are symbolic of the support our membership gives to us for major events and weekend dining at the Club as well as a tribute to our executive chef for always pleasing the members’ palates.

“The 860 represents the number of dinners the club served at its Thanksgiving Dinner celebration, 350 represents the number of dining room covers we serve on a traditional Friday night, and 300 is nearly the number of members we celebrated with for our New Year’s Eve Celebration.

“The best endorsement our executive chef and his staff can receive is in the numbers. Every year, the demand remains high. Member feedback is also an excellent measure of the Club’s member service. After the Thanksgiving Dinner and New Year’s Eve Celebration, member compliments were abundant, raving about the quality of the food right and the outstanding service.”

The dining operations at the Club at Boca Pointe are one of most talked about assets. “When members bring family or guests to the club for dinner, it is the highlight of their visit. When members of other clubs visit Boca Pointe, they leave shaking their heads, saying “wow, how do they do that?”

“Our membership is very diverse,” says Karpel. “We are fortunate that our executive chef has the talents and staff to constantly produce what the members want from their dining room experience. This approach carries through the main dining room to the Grand Café to the Fresh Pointe Café at the new Sports and Fitness Complex.”

The Club at Boca Pointe has membership programs from Equity to Premier to Annual Golf. Each category provides a member with the opportunity to literally design their own lifestyle whether or not they live inside the Boca Pointe community. Memberships are available for seasonal and year-round Floridians. Boca Pointe welcomes you to call the membership department at 561-864-8539 to learn more or click here.

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