Golf courses, tennis courts, and fitness centers are synonymous to country club living in general and in particular South Florida. One club, however, offers not only all those amenities but boasts about a secret weapon that is the envy of other clubs.

That club is the Club at Boca Pointe—on the Palm Beach County lines, bordering on the northern section of Broward County. Boca Pointe offers all of the high end services of other prominent clubs but also offers robust social programming with a “something for everyone” attitude, thanks to the efforts of its social director Jane Young. It also has very unique classes/programs in the new Sports & Fitness Complex, organized by Sherri Giannone, director of athletics. Moreover, at the end of the day, a major asset of the Club at Boca Pointe is its friendly, welcoming touch when new members join.

As for its secret weapon you ask, the Club’s secret weapon is its flexible Premier membership program. Well, it is not so secret anymore as it has grown exponentially since its inception several years ago, largely by member referrals. There is no better compliment to the Club than a referral to a friend.

“We are the only private country club in the area where members have the ability to pick and chose the level of membership and for as few as three months while in South Florida,” says Helen Karpel, general manager. “Our Premier Membership program is the ‘envy’ of many other clubs.

“Premier memberships are available from three to twelve months (three months for the first year only and four months from the second year and thereafter). This membership includes eight categories. Members can choose the level of activity that interests them. It can be social only, which entitles them to the ‘full run’ of the main clubhouse and Sports & Fitness Complex with golf and tennis accessible on a restricted basis. Or, golf and tennis can be added to the social privileges to customize the privileges to be just perfect for the members stay in South Florida.

“As a non-mandatory equity country club, the Premier membership allows a member to enjoy the country club experience without the typical country club financial commitment. This membership is not dependent on where you live; all you have to do is want to ‘play’ at the Club at Boca Pointe.”

“We have a very active singles groups,” says Young. “Our singles enjoy all of the social amenities as well as participate in Au Bar and Inter-Club events were they can meet people with similar likes. They also participate in our chaperoned cruises and various overnight trips away from the club.”

Members can keep as active as they choose, whether it be going to a Broadway show, watching top talent come to the Club on Friday nights, participating in the FAU Learning Center where the top professors come to the Club to talk about very topical and historical subjects, or many other entertaining and education opportunities. Just look at some of the  special activities from the past:

–Have a brighter smile for your sweetheart with Teeth Whitening.

–A mini-lecture with Licensed Nutritionist Pamela Ofstein; the topic will be “How to Plan Your Meals to Gain a Healthy Heart.”

–“Learn to Love Yourself” every Monday with Meditation/Affirmation Classes and every Wednesday with Espresso Tai Chi.

And, if you want to stretch those bones, there are numerous classes from very active to the not-so-active organized classes, including yoga, spinning, Pilates, and so much more! If “working out” on machines is more your speed, the new Sports & Fitness Complex offers state-of-the-art equipment.

Of course, we cannot forget the very active card rooms! Every day and most nights, members are playing just about every game possible…but the real beauty is that the new seasonal Premier members have very little difficulty working into games.

That is the Club at Boca Pointe way … an amazing Club environment, bar none! Warm, warm and warmer! Isn’t it time to call the Club? To learn more call 561-864-8539 or click here for more information about this Boca Raton Country Club!

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