The Boomers Club at the Club at Boca Pointe is booming! Its popularity contributes greatly to the continued growth of the only equity country club in South Florida where members can define their own lifestyle by interests and timeframes to create long lasting memories with people of similar interests.

“All country clubs in South Florida have the same basic demographics,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the Club. “At Boca Pointe, we are seeing many new members who are looking for activities with other members whose socioeconomic backgrounds are similar.

“Many of our inquiries are from people who fall into the baby boomer category. The Boomers Club is a perfect example for these new members to get a taste of what our Club offers, whether they are full time Floridian or seasonal snowbirds. The Boomers Club adds a new level of activities within the Club that are designed for members who are in the demographic profile of baby boomers. It is our fastest growing club with more than 350 members.”

Part of the attraction to the country club experience is making friends to enjoy dining, socializing, card play and sporting activities. The Boomers Club provides a way for current and new members to meet each other and form friendships among others with similar lifestyles.

Boca Pointe has enjoyed the addition of many new members this year. Recently, a new couple wanted to attend the ever popular Valentine’s Day Dinner Dance but did not know anyone, yet, to join in the festivities.  Through the Boomers Club Happy Hour, they met another boomer couple who happily welcomed them to sit at their table. They all attended the dance and had a wonderful time!

“It is this type of friendship and camaraderie that makes the Boomers Club so special to the Club, and it further proves how easy it is for new members to become integrated into the Club at Boca Pointe lifestyle,” adds Karpel.

Some typical Boomers Club events include:

  • Boomers Club Happy Hour (5 p.m. to 7 p.m.) in the Main Dining Room (MDR) Lounge every second Thursday of the month. It is a time of meeting up with friends and making new friends.
  • Boomers Club Dinners are scheduled about every two months.  They meet in the MDR Lounge for drinks around 6:30 p.m., followed by dinner at 7 p.m. in the beautiful Palms Terrace.  Seating is always mixed up so that meeting new people is a priority.   A Boomers Club Committee member sits at each table.  The Committee walks around to ensure that all members are having a good time, talking and enjoying the night.  Attendees are also encouraged to walk around and meet new people. It always proves to be a lot of fun!
  • Boomers Club House Parties (2 to 3 events) are hosted by member volunteers who offer their home to serve as the host house for a catered menu.  There are typically between 30 and 40 members who attend.  It is a great time of enjoying life, having fun, and making memories with friends!

“The beauty of our Club is that you can enjoy the country club experience without the traditional country club financial commitment,” commented Karpel. “We offer both equity and non-equity memberships to new members. One of our very unique non-equity memberships is the Premier. It allows members to choose the level of participation from social to golf and tennis add-ons for the time spent in Florida, whether seasonal or year-round.

‘The Premier Membership is one of the most successful new programs introduced by the Club. It provides members with maximum flexibility while being able to enjoy maximum benefits for the specific period of time that they are in Florida. The first year is a minimum of three months up to 12 months; after the first year, the minimum is four months.

“The Boomers Club is extremely helpful when a boomer is only going to be in Florida for a limited number of months because they can make friends quickly in a new area.  These new friends become great companions in taking advantage of all the other programming the Club offers as well!”

If you are not a member of the Club at Boca Pointe, yet, we encourage you to call 561-864-8539 to learn more.

Or visit our website for more information.

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