Golf Tip: Chipping Made Easy

By Buck Deibel, Golf Director at The Club at Boca Pointe, a Boca Raton Country Club

Chipping with a short to mid iron from just off the green is one of the most effective ways to hit a chip when you do not need to carry the ball far and you have moderate rough between your ball and the hole. This method is very similar to a putting stroke and has been used over the years by some of the greatest players in the game.

Depending on the amount of green you have to work with, choose the iron that will loft the ball a ¼ of the way and rolling the remaining 3/4s of the way to the cup. Many players hit this shot using their putting grip. At address, their weight is favoring their left side. With your hands slightly ahead, use your putting stroke and hit down on the ball with a descending blow. This swing takes the wrists out of the shot, making it easier to hit the ball solidly. This method also improves feel and helps control distance. Try this high percentage shot; it’s a sure way to lower your score.

The Club at Boca Pointe is a non-mandatory equity country club and has a professional golf staff available to its members daily, led by Buck Deibel, a PGA Master Professional. Golf members at the Club are excited with the completion of the golf renovations on its 18-hole championship golf course. Over the last two summers, the Club replaced the irrigation system, repaved the cart paths, replanted the fairways and tee boxes to celebration grass, and spruced up the collars around the greens.  If you are a golfer and not a member, yet, we encourage you to call membership at 561-864-8539 to learn about the many golf membership options. As a member, you will find Boca Pointe’s amenities wonderful and members very friendly!  The Club is entering a fabulous new era for our members!

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