BOCA POINTE 196golfcartOne month into the season and the word “WOW” echoes throughout the Club at Boca Pointe when golf members describe their experiences playing on the newly, revitalized 18-hole golf course. “The members are excited! They are thrilled to have their beautiful 18-hole championship golf course now fully open after our two-year, multi-million dollar investment program,” says Buck Deibel, Director of Golf for the only country club in South Florida where members can design their own lifestyle activities.

“Last year, we renovated the fairways and tee boxes going to Celebration Bermuda grass on the front nine in the off-season, while the members enjoyed playing the back nine,” says Deibel. “At the same time we revitalized the front nine, we installed a state-of-art irrigation system for the entire course as well as repaved all the cart paths.

“This year, we completed the renovation project on the back nine, with the front nine open for members to play in the off-season. We elected to keep one nine open at all times for the convenience of our members. In addition, we added new landscaping and trees throughout the course, which gives Boca Pointe a whole new look!”

Is the Club at Boca Pointe finished with its revitalization program?

“Not by a long shot,” says Deibel. “Next year, we are tackling the roughs and some areas where some pesky weeds still reside. The Club’s board is committed to the golf program and continuing to enhance the members golfing experience. There is always more work to be done on a golf course, whether it is eliminating newly surfaced weeds or freshening the sand traps; Boca Pointe believes in a steady program of course management.”

Did the revitalization program pay off?

“Absolutely!” says Deibel. “We are enjoying many new members on the golf course as well as receiving many positive comments from our year-round and returning seasonal golf members.”

The Club at Boca Pointe offers both equity and non-equity memberships. Its unique and highly popular, non-equity Premier membership program allows a member to choose among eight membership categories, starting with a social membership with the option to add golf and tennis in some combination. All Premier membership categories include full usage of the new Sports & Fitness Complex, Club pool, card rooms, robust social events, and dining facilities.

In addition to all the social and fitness privileges, the Premier Full Golf membership categories include morning and afternoon play as well as coverage of the cart and green fees. Additionally, the golf categories include bag storage and locker for one or two as well as unlimited access to the golf driving range and short game complex along with a 7 day in advance sign-up privilege and access to league play.

More uniquely, the Premier membership is good for seasonal and year-round members. Seasonal Premier members can design their membership for however many months they reside in South Florida, taking as few as three consecutive months their first year of membership and as few as four consecutive months for the second year and thereafter.

For year-round Floridians, who are non-residents of Boca Pointe and whose main interest is golf, we also offer a non-equity Annual Golf membership for singles and couples. This membership gives non-resident golfers the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful 18-hole championship golf course, golf driving range and practice area on an unlimited basis, as well as access to enjoy our restaurants for lunch or brunch and our lounges

Similar to the Premier Full Golf, Annual Golf memberships also include morning and afternoon play as well as coverage of the cart and greens fees. Annual Golf memberships include bag storage and locker for one or two as well as unlimited access to the golf driving range and short game complex along with a 7-day in advance sign-up privilege and access to league play.

The Club has seen a significant increase in its golf memberships with the completion of the revitalization program. Undoubtedly, this interest will only continue to grow as more and more Floridians learn about Boca Pointe’s many golf options! We welcome you to call the membership department at 561-864-8539 to learn about the Premier and Annual Golf memberships as well as other golf membership options.

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