When you put “chili” in the same sentence as the Club at Boca Pointe, you better make sure your listeners know the context of the word!

You could be talking about the ever-so-popular turkey chili that Chef Terry Daniels makes in the restaurant. When Chef Terry cooks his turkey chili, it is traditionally one of the best sellers on the menu…it is almost like a staple…like having chicken soup and noodles available for every meal. And, oh, is it delicious!

You could also be talking with Buck Deibel, the director of golf at Boca Pointe’s championship golf course. This conversation would be around the subject of “chili dipping,” which is surely not the edible type.   Certainly a varied use of the word “chili,” but nevertheless, too often part of a golfer’s repertoire!

Everyone knows turkey chili, but not everyone knows about chili dipping. In fact, most club golf players have probably never heard of that expression, yet have suffered through some chili dipping shots themselves.    Chili dipping – not the food type – is a slang golf term that refers to a type of miss-hit. When a golfer chili-dips a chip shot, it means the club struck the ground behind the ball, digging up turf, resulting in little or no contact with the ball itself. The result of a chili dip – the golf course type – is that the golf ball does not go very far.

Chef Terry keeps his recipe for turkey chili close to his vest pocket, so to speak, but Deibel is quick to offer basic solutions to chili dipping on the golf course…

“The keys to avoid the dreaded chili dip on the golf course,” says Deibel, one of a select group of Master PGA professionals, “is to make sure your set-up position is correct and you do not use your right hand to scoop or help the ball up in the air.

When setting up for a chip shot, golfers should place most of their weight on the front foot and keep their hands ahead of the ball at address. The wrists should be kept quiet throughout the swing. The golfer should make a descending blow onto the ball and allow the loft of the club to pop the ball up into the air and on the green.” With a little practice, “chili dipping” will no longer be part of the golfer’s vocabulary.

Boca Pointe’s championship golf course is finalizing renovations this off-season. By September, the golf course will have new on all 18 holes an irrigation system, repaved golf paths, newly planted Celebration grass in the fairways and tee boxes, and spruced collars around the greens. Members will be enjoying a whole new golf course!

If you are a golfer, we encourage you to inquire about Boca Pointe’s many golf membership options at 561-864-8539. The Club at Boca Pointe, a Boca Raton Golf Club, is the only country club in South Florida where members can define their own lifestyle.

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