Are all yips in golf the same? That is the perplexing question golfers face daily…pros and amateurs alike.

“Yips are yips,” says Buck Deibel, Director of Golf at the Club at Boca Pointe where you can play golf as an equity member or design your own membership as part of the club’s Premier program.

“Yips are not just associated with putting. Yips can occur virtually in any part of your game. True that most golfers get the yips in putting, but the dreaded yips can be associated with chipping or just about any other swing.”

So what are the yips?

The “yips” in golf is a movement disorder known to interfere with the golf swing. Many different terms such as twitches, staggers, jitters and jerks are used to describe yips. The yips affect between one-quarter and one-half of all mature golfers.

The “yips” is caused by anxiety, fear, doubt and over control. The thoughts that race through your mind may be so quick that you don’t even notice them. Thoughts like “Am I putting too hard?” or “Am I putting too soft” might pop up as you are swinging your club. These thoughts then cause the anxiety, fear or doubt that results in a “jabbed putt or jerky swing.” These little twitches and jerky movements cause the club to change direction, producing poor results and shaking ones confidence to the core.

BOCA POINTE 220 golf double men sandtrapSo, how can you get rid of this anxiety and doubt, and finally cure the yips? Many people try positive thinking and it often helps. However, as Bobby Jones stated when asked about how many swing thoughts he had prior to his swing,

“If I have two swing thoughts, I have no chance at all. If I have one, maybe I’ll have a good shot. If I have none, then I can play like Bobby Jones.”

“An effective cure for the yips must allow you to clear your mind, not fill it with more stuff. More knowledge won’t do it. More lessons won’t do it. So then, what will? You can clear your mind by actually getting rid of the beliefs that cause your doubt and anxiety. Beliefs like ‘Mistakes are bad’ and ‘I’m not good at putting’ or negative expectations about putting all contribute to the yips,” says Deibel, one of about 200 Master PGA professional golf instructors. Deibel adds, “Other options to consider are simply changing something (i.e. your grip or your focus looking at the target or another focal point other than the ball).”

The Club at Boca Pointe has a beautiful 18 hole championship golf course waiting for you to join the club and work out the kinks in your game! We welcome you to call the membership department today at 561-864-8539 to find the membership that best suits your interests! Memberships vary from year-round to seasonal, equity to non-equity!

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