Golf course? Every country club has it!   Tennis? Every country club has it! Fitness center? Yep, everyone has one!

Clowns?   You’re kidding, right? Only one country club can boast that it has not one clown but a whole troupe of clowns! And, that is the Club at Boca Pointe where members can select among many membership types to define their lifestyle year-round or seasonally while in Florida.900x506

Thanks to the workings of Harriet Rubin, who is a “professional” clown, along with being a tennis player, head of the ever-popular Boca Pointe Performing Scam Troupe, and active volunteer, as well as a long-standing member at the Club at Boca Pointe. Now, she can add a Clown Troupe to her portfolio.Why clowns? Harriet, better known as “Florabelle the Clown,” is a speech pathologist by training, but at the Club at Boca Pointe, she is known as a mover and shaker.

The Clown Troupe really enjoys it and literally can’t wait for their next assignment. E.J. Dopkin, better known as “Silly Dilly,” shared how she was so excited to have youngsters and their parents keep taking pictures of her at a recent appearance at the children’s museum. “It was my debut as a clown, but I felt like I was doing clowning my whole life.”   Joel Meisner describes himself as “a big Halloween guy” so JJ Clown is the perfect outlet.

“When Harriet sets her mind to do something, there is no stopping her,” says Helen Karpel, general manager of the Club at Boca Pointe, where members can enjoy the privileges of participating in a country club lifestyle without even living in the Boca Pointe community.

“Harriet is a dynamo. She works harder than any other member in doing things that not only benefit club members, but the community in general, like the Scam Troupe that dramatizes to seniors how to be careful of scam artists. While heading this, she also started a clown school for members and non-members. She trained more than a dozen clowns who now perform at a variety of events throughout the area.

“For Boca Pointe members, Harriet started the highly popular ‘What’s Up’ group. Although not a new concept, she has brought amazing speakers to the Club, where 25 to 50 members meet monthly on various topical subjects at no cost to them. She is like the energizer bunny…in addition to all of these activities throughout the year, she also organizes a Volunteer Fair every year and volunteers her time.”

What’s in it for Harriet with all her activities? I love people. I love the camaraderie. It’s just part of my nature,” she says. Or, was that Florabelle talking?

If these activities sound interesting to you, imagine being a member at the Club at Boca Pointe where you can take part in these activities as well as an amazing list of social events set up by the Club’s social director. We welcome you to call the membership department today at 561-864-8539 to learn about the many membership options available to you!

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