UN_flags_access_copy1It’s the United Nations… No, it’s the Club at Boca Pointe…a country club that blends and creates friends of all backgrounds with its unique flavor…

  • A country club where members can define their own lifestyle for the amount of time they are living in Boca Raton or its surrounding areas …
  • A country club where someone from London might be playing golf with someone from Montreal or where a Brooklynite will be battling someone from the Bronx on the tennis courts.
  • A country club where duplicate bridge players might be paired with someone from Toronto, Brooklyn and Paris in a truly worldwide accepted game.

That’s the flavor of the Club at Boca Pointe, the only equity owned club in South Florida where you can experience the traditional country club living without living on the property. The Club at Boca Pointe caters its membership offerings to welcome members who live in Florida year-round or are seasonal from across the world!

“We are a non-mandatory equity country club in South Florida where members are not required to live in the community,” says Helen Karpel, General Manager. “We have a wide variety of memberships to meet the needs of not only full time residents in South Florida but those who decide to only do their winter months in South Florida.

“It’s not unusual to see members from different parts of the world coming together for a round of golf, tennis or enjoying a game of bridge, canasta or Mahjongg. Of course, our dining room reflects the tastes of the world with traditional Friday night buffets, to Asian night, Latin night and much more.”

We welcome you to call membership at 561-864-8539 to learn more. All are welcome!

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