The summer in South Florida maybe unusually hot this year, but the Club at Boca Pointe is even hotter with a full calendar of activities that is drawing attention from other clubs in the area.

Since the season ended in April, the Club at Boca Pointe dazzled its members first with Neil Diamond followed by Elvis. Both impersonators rocked the house with their look-alike sound alike performances during a special Showtime dinner/theater.

Now comes Sarge…just the one name Sarge!

A local area resident, Sarge continues to “wow” the audiences on various cruise ships with his own unique brand of comedy. Sarge proudly bills himself as a “black Jewish comedian,” having been born of African American descent but adopted by a Jewish family. Sarge made his third appearance at the Club at Boca Pointe and again rocked the house!

“Even though we are in the height of the summer where members are usually away on vacations, we had close to 200 members laughing at the Showtime dinner/theater from start to finish,” says Jane Young, Social Director at the Club at Boca Pointe.

“Our club is the most active when it comes to social and entertainment events, which is recognized throughout our community,” adds Ms. Young. “While our Mother’s Day Brunch is always a big draw, our Father’s Day Brunch was another ‘wow’ for our members! And, not surprisingly, the Club at Boca Pointe attracted many members from other country clubs as part of our summer reciprocal dining program.”

“What does that tell you about the Club at Boca Pointe?” asks Helen Karpel, general manager of the Club. “Attracting members from other clubs speaks volumes about our club, the events, and the food we serve.

“Furthermore, the beautiful thing is that you do not have to live at Boca Pointe to become a member. You can live outside our gates and still take advantage of our equity options or unique non-equity memberships, such as our Premier Membership program that allows you to design your own level of activity for as few as three months up to 12 months your first year and as few as 4 months up to 12 months from your second year thereafter.”

We invite you to call the membership department today at 561-864-8539 to learn more about the many memberships available to meet your lifestyle interests

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