The Chinese have made major inroads in various parts of our society…some good, some controversial and some very, very interesting.

One of the more interesting areas of Chinese influence is coming to the new Sports and Fitness Complex at the Club at Boca Pointe with the introduction of Qi Gong Yoga Classes in July.

That’s right, QI Gong…a yoga/energy class to be held on Wednesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. on July 15, 22 and 29.

“Our new Sports and Fitness Complex has been very inviting to our membership,” says Sherri Giannone, director of athletics at the Club at Boca Pointe.

“One of our goals is to constantly provide our membership with new opportunities to keep their bodies and minds active and in shape. We are attracting many new members to the facility, and we are developing new programming to meet their goals, needs and wishes.”

Qi Gong is a gentle form of exercise that helps improve health and overall well being. Qi Gong (pronounced CHEE-GONG) can be traced back 4,000 years to ancient China. “Qi” is simply the Chinese word for energy, and “Gong” means skill that is cultivated through steady practice. So, put together, “Qi Gong” means “cultivating the body’s vital energy,” and then using it to heal and strengthen every system throughout the body. There are three main elements to Qi Gong exercise:
–slow, fluid movements that stretch and strengthen
–deep breathing
–a meditative state of mind
The exercises found in Qi Gong involve gentle, rhythmic movements, mirroring movements found in nature, such as the lapping of water or blowing of wind. Water, for instance, flows effortlessly along the path of least resistance, and Qi Gong teaches us to move our bodies in a similar fluid motion, minimizing the risk of injury, while maintaining balance and focus. Sometimes the exercises are named after various animals, such as bird, bear, monkey, tiger, and deer.

“Our membership is changing and they are looking for new ways to keep their minds and bodies healthy. Programs like Qi Gong not only achieve those goals but also are very appealing to younger people who are moving into the Boca Pointe community,” she added.

Boca Pointe has many membership offerings, both equity and non-equity, for year-round and seasonal members. If you are not a member, yet, call 561-864-8539 to learn more about what membership will best suit you!

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