GOLFERS’ DILEMMA: PUTT OR CHIP FROM OFF THE GREEN! Club at Boca Pointe Master PGA Pro Offers His Adice from this Boca Raton Golf Club

BOCA POINTE 220 golf double men sandtrap
The Golfers’ dilemma: to chip or putt from just off the fringe of the green! Better golfers, i.e., low handicappers, usually have more faith in their chipping ability, whereas high handicappers might feel more comfortable with the putter, says Buck Deibel, director of golf at the Club at Boca Pointe.

“There is no right or wrong choice. It is just a matter of preference,” says Mr. Deibel, PGA Master Professional.

“There are two key elements to consider. First, of course, is the condition of the grass from which you decide to putt. If it is smooth, with very little bumps, it might be worth a try putting, like even some of the pros do. Second, of course, is your own comfortable level with the putter or chip shot.

“If you elect to putt from the fringe or even slightly further back, depending on the course conditions, grip the putter using your normal putting grip. Set up as if you were going to chip the ball with the ball position off your right toe, weight on your left side, and the hand of the club forward at address. Instead of a normal putting stroke, strike the ball with a slightly descending blow. This puts top spin on the ball and causes the ball to hop which is much more effective when putting through the fringe. In most cases, you strike the ball with the same amount of force that you would normally use when putting from the green.”

You can try all the tricks of the trade on your own, but if you are like most, a private lesson makes it much easier to learn. Boca Pointe encourages you to leverage Mr. Deibel’s Master PGA professional expertise, or one of his qualified professional teaching staff, to improve your game. Call 561.864.8522 to set up an appointment today.

The Club at Boca Pointe offers residents and non-residents of the Boca Pointe community the opportunity to become a member. The membership offerings are designed to help you define your own lifestyle. The Club offers both equity memberships and non-equity memberships that are attractive to seasonal residents and year-round Florida residents. The offerings include social, tennis and golf options. Call membership today to learn more at 561.864.8539.

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