Keeping Up with Life at the Club at Boca Pointe, a Boca Raton Country Club

BOCA-POINTE 88 (1)Community Association Notice regarding your Gate Access Devices – Programming of your Gate Access Devices is changing effective, Monday,  May 4th.  The Community Association documents grant access to Club at Boca Pointe Members into all gates behind which the Club owns property and operates facilities.  Now that the Club no longer owns a facility on the East side of Powerline, Club members will no longer be able to gain access through the resident lane of the two (2) East entrances (Gate 3 off SW 18th Street and Gate 4 off Canary Palm Drive onto Via de Sonrisa del Norte).
If you have special circumstances where your gate device is working at other gates due to the ownership of property in several areas or you have a family member in another area, etc., your device access may be altered as the Community Association will be handling this re-programming in bulk.  If this situation arises, please contact the Community Association.  A new authorization letter may be requested.
West Side Residents – Your gate device will only work at the two (2) West entrances (Gate 1 off Powerline Road and Gate 2 off SW 18th Street).
East Side Residents – Your gate device will work at the two (2) East entrances.  If you are a Club member, your device will work on the two (2) West Side gate entrances.
Club Members Living outside of Boca Pointe & East of Powerline – Your gate device will only work at the two (2) West entrances (Gate 1 off Powerline Road and Gate 2 off SW 18th Street).
If you have any questions on this matter, please contact the Community Association office at 561.395.7551.

Please be aware … on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 5th & 6th, we will be pressure cleaning the Main Clubhouse roof.

Some off-season changes staring on Monday, May 4th.

Lunch will be served in the Grand Café Wednesday through Sunday.
Lunch will be served in Freshe Pointe Cafe on Saturday and Sunday.
Dinner will be served in the Grand Café on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Dinner will be served in the Main Dining Room on Friday.
Mondays – card rooms are open from Noon to 4:00 pm.
Mondays – golf operations are closed.
Mondays – tennis is open from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm.
Administrative offices (Accounting, Membership and Social & Entertainment) remain open Monday – Friday.
Reservations are open Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Two (2) Week Buzz & General Manager Report – During the off-season, the Buzz and Monday General Manager e-blast will appear every other week.

Sports and Fitness Complex – Let’s keep the complex looking beautiful!  Please use lids on your cups for your drinks and please discard your cups and papers in the trashcans located throughout the facility.  We are installing two canopies at the pool.  Our goal is to have the first canopy installed before Memorial Day and the second canopy after Memorial Day.

Making Reservations for EventsYour cooperation is needed to make your event reservation (lecturers, seminars, book reviews, etc.) in order to properly plan and provide you a wonderful Club experience.
Your reservation is very important.  If we do not have sufficient event reservations, the event may be canceled.  If you come to an event without a reservation, we will not have the proper amount of seating, it creates disruption as we set-up additional seating and may delay the scheduled event start time.  I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Dress Code – When coming to the Club with family and guests, please be mindful of the dress code policy.  The minimum dress code for Saturday Nights in the Grand Cafe, the Main Dining Room and Main Dining Room Lounge is “elegant casual.”
Elegant casual for
Men – long pants, collared shirts (including polo-type shirts), banded collars, collarless ‘designer’ shirts and turtlenecks.  Prohibited clothing is athletic dress; shorts, tee shirts and hats.
Women – Prohibited clothing is athletic dress; shorts and tank tops.
Denim – is permitted absent of holes or tears. 

The clubs’ rule requires members to carry and present their membership card at all times for use of all Club facilities. It is being strictly enforced.  Thank you for presenting your membership card upon entry to the club as well as for dining.
Please comply with the Club rules.  Non-compliance with the Club’s rules will create unpleasant experiences for everyone involved.

In case of an emergency you may need to know the Club’s address.  Always inform the staff of an emergency.  The staff follows the Club’s emergency procedures.
Please keep the following information handy (in your cell phone).

7144 Boca Pointe Drive, Boca Raton, FL 33433
Main Telephone Number 561.864.8500

Sports & Fitness Complex
7134 Boca Pointe Drive, Boca Raton, FL 33433
Main Telephone Number 561.864.8551 

Great Things Happening at the Club

Please make sure to read The Buzz.  We have so many great events, golf, tennis, cards, fitness, lectures and seminars, entertainment, singles and dining, to fill your day!!

The Ritual Committee is planning the Jewish High Holidays.  Our services are special and what makes them special is your involvement.  The Committee is asking anyone who wishes to have an honor (reading Torah, usher, opening and closing the arc, etc.).  Please call Teresa Barbara at 561.864.8531 or email if you would like to be part of high holidays and which honor you would like.

Come and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a buffet dinner and music [strolling guitarists playing Mariachi music from 5:30pm to 8:30pm] on Tuesday, May 5th in the Main Dining Room.  Dinner is $22.  Reservations are open.

Wine Tasting on Thursday, May 7th in the Palms at 5:00pm.  Julie Kushel, a wine consultant from Southern & Wine Spirits, will be featuring delicious wines from New Zealand.  Tasting is limited to 40 people.  Cost is $25 and reservations are open.

Join your family with your Club family for a Brunch Extravaganza to create another special memory.  Mother’s Day Brunch will be on Sunday, May 10th, in the Main Dining Room from 11:00am to 2:00pm.  Dress is Elegant Casual .  Adults are $32 and children are $17.  Reservations are open.  No cancellations after Friday, May 1st.

On Thursday, May 14th, Bring any guest to Dinner” in the Main Dining Room.  On this day, a member can bring ANY guest (a member [either single or married] may bring a couple as their guests) FOR DINNEROn this day, the guest rules DO NOT apply.  A guest can be a Boca Pointe resident or a relinquished member regardless of where they live or when they resigned from the Club [relinquished member must have left in good standing].  The invited guests must be having dinner, not just Happy Hour.


“What’s Up Group” is meeting is on Tuesday, May 19th, at 1:00pm, in the Multi-Purpose Room. The topic is ‘Get the Healthcare you Deserve!.’  Frank J. Weinstock, M.D, club member, is a Professor of Ophthalmology at NEOMED in Ohio and on the faculty of FAU and Miami medical schools.  He is retired from Canton, Ohio and has published multiple books, over two hundred articles and lectured extensively around the world.
He will discuss how to navigate the health system and how to interact with physicians, hospitals etc.

Come and celebrate Memorial Day at the Memorial Day Dinner Dance on Sunday, May 24th, at 6:30pm for Cocktails and 7:00pm for Dinner in the Main Dining Room with DJ Dan Beck.  Dress is Elegant Casual and cost is $42. Reservations are open.  No cancellations after Friday, May 15th.

Memorial Day Pool Party on Monday, May 25th, from noon until 3:00pm, at the Sports & Fitness Complex Pool.  Come and listen to the music by singer Da Professor along with a DJ!

Don’t miss next season’s Showtime Series.  The 2015-2016 Showtime Series includes five amazing shows [one of the five shows is a dinner show] with cookies, brownies, tea/coffee after each show.
To reserve your seat or for additional details, please call Jane Young at 561.864.8517.  The cost is $225 all inclusive.

For the Boca Pointe Singles:
Ø   On Thursday, May 21st, Boca Unos and the TLC Club will go on the Delray Yacht and lunch [on your own] on Atlantic Avenue in Delray.  Bus departs Boca Pointe at 10:15am, enjoy lunch [on your own] on Atlantic Avenue and then the bus will pick you up at the drop off location on Atlantic Avenue at 12:45pm for a 1:00pm yacht check in.  Sail on this beautiful yacht from 1:30pm to 3:45pm!  Cost is $40 which includes bus and yacht trip.  We need 34 members to attend, reservations are required by May 14th and no cancellations.
Ø  On Monday, June 8th, there will be an Inter-Club Single’s Dinner Out at Copenhagen Restaurant in Boynton Beach.  Meet and mingle with members from Boca West, Indian Springs, Boca Lago, Boca Resort, Gleneagles, Addison Reserve, Boca Woods, Polo Club, Wycliffe, Hunters Run and Broken Sound.  Mingle from 6:00pm to 6:30pm and enjoy dinner after.  Cost is $33 which includes one glass of wine, soup and salad and choice of one of five entrees [not necessary to select your entree ahead of time]Reservations are required by Friday, May 29th and no cancellations.
Ø   Check the flyer rack for all the Boca Unos events!

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