The curse of the fairway bunker! Does this sound like you, “I’m in it, and I can’t get out; I’m in it again and blew two strokes trying to get out?” What should you do?

BOCA POINTE 224 golf sandtrap“We all get trapped by the curse of the fairway bunker,” says Buck Deibel, Director of Golf and a Master PGA Professional at The Club at Boca Pointe.   “But, there are a few simple steps that can cut one or two strokes coming out of the dreaded fairway bunker.”

Mr. Deibel suggests:

“First, consider your club selection. Forget about what you would do in a greenside bunker. For the typical fairway bunker shot, your first consideration must be to pick the club that has enough loft to clear the level of the lip and get the ball out. This may or may not be the club necessary to negotiate the desired distance; however, your first priority must be to clear the lip and get the ball out of the bunker.”

“To execute the shot, keep your lower body quiet and stable. You may even want to set a little extra weight on your left side at address. This will help you catch the ball first to assure solid contact and maximize your distance.”

By making the proper club selection and implementing the tips mentioned above, Mr. Deibel assures, “you should be able to get out of the bunker easily and put yourself in good shape for your next shot.”

BOCA POINTE 220 golf double men sandtrap

The Club at Boca Pointe, a Boca Raton golf club, has a beautiful 18-hole championship golf course that offers fun play for the social golfer and challenges for the serious golfer. With many tees as part of the “Tee it Forward” initiative, golfers at all levels of play can enhance their overall golf experience by selecting tees that best align with their game.   The members at Boca Pointe always welcome new players. If you are a golfer and not a member, yet, we encourage you to call membership today at 561-864-8539 to learn more!

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