Does this sound like you? “I don’t play golf or tennis. I rarely use the Athletic Center. I don’t play cards or board games. So, why would I belong to a country club?”

First of all, that’s exactly the time you should consider joining a club! And, The Club at Boca Pointe is the place for you because…

…it is not the typical country club in Boca Raton, or anywhere, where sports and dining are your only good options.

Boca Pointe is a series of clubs within a club designed especially to allow members to define their own particular lifestyle at a unique time in their lives.

Skip the sports…ignore working out in at the new Sports & Fitness Complex with unique and exciting classes…don’t stress out over Bridge, Canasta, or Mah Jongg. At The Club at Boca Pointe, you can fill your calendar daily — with social, fun, and educational events.

At Boca Pointe, you can easily become a social butterfly, filling your calendar with all types of activities planned in advance for you to enjoy. Social events range from an annual group cruise, to the theater off grounds, to shows on campus, to seminars and lectures, to book clubs and art classes, the list goes on and on. Boca Pointe offers a “club within a club” concept that is rare among private country clubs in South Florida.

Are you new to South Florida, seasonal, or year-round? You can enjoy all the benefits of private equity country club living without the typical country club commitment.

The Club has the queen of social directors in South Florida, Jane Young! She provides all of Boca Pointe’s members, single and married, with a wide array of enjoyable opportunities to meet all types of interests while meeting up with existing friends and meeting new friends.

Here are some of the exciting, non-athletic opportunities available at the Club —many of which do not carry additional fees…and, if there is a fee, it is nominal:

The newest events on the agenda are the “What’s Up” club for all members followed by “Today’s Life Continues” (TLC) for single women. Both clubs have quickly become highly popular.

“What’s Up” brings unique speakers or activities to the Club. This has included test driving a Tesla, listening to a former CNN White House Correspondent, or learning how to appraise an estate.

TLC offers a wonderful social network for the single woman. This gives single ladies an option to attend Boca Pointe events with friends from TLC. The group also has its own events, including in-house lectures and trips to places like the local museum as well as other places of interest (some of which include a nominal fee).

These new events align well with Boca Pointe’s robust calendar. Boca Pointe hosts a very popular weekly seminar called “Moving Forward.” It is a group that has a facilitator who brings in topic discussions that help new members get to know one another and existing members to meet new members while having a lively, fun conversation.

Then, there is the ever-popular Boca Unos club that holds monthly functions for single members. Boca Unos participates in social events at Boca Pointe and other clubs where mixing and mingling allows fun to be had by all.

Other activities that members enjoy include the Marleen and Harold Forkas FAU Learning Center with a series of exciting, timely lectures by FAU professors hosted on the Boca Pointe campus. Additionally, Boca Pointe has a Broadway Show series every year and a concert by Lynn University students also hosted on the Boca Pointe campus.

These activities represent just a short list of opportunities that members can pick and choose from to keep their daily calendars filled to overflowing, whether or not the members live in the Boca Pointe community.

Want more? The Club at Boca Pointe has it. Memberships are available for residents and non-residents of the Boca Pointe community. Membership offers several categories to choose among to best meet members’ interests. Boca Pointe’s Premier membership is very popular and allows members to join seasonally or year-round. The Club at Boca Pointe is the only private club offering seasonal memberships in Boca Raton.

If you are a golfer, tennis player, fitness person, or socialite, we have the membership and amenities for you! We welcome you to call membership today at 561-864-8539 to learn more!

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