New, Fresh, Exhilarating! Everywhere you turn there is exciting change occurring at The Club at Boca Pointe and the entire Boca Pointe Community…all for the betterment of members and the community at large.

• The new Sports and Fitness Complex is moving right along with the new facility rapidly taking shape as an extension of the existing Center Court Complex.

• The golf course is transforming before our eyes, with the installation of the new irrigation system and the planting of new Celebration grass on the front nine, in addition to the newly improved tee boxes and cart paths as well as the re-sodding of parts of the back nine.

• The new upgrades for the deck and other areas around the Center Court pool will begin shortly and are sure to please.

• The main gate beautification is underway; while we are already enjoying the completion of some of the beautiful new gates, we are expectantly watching the construction progress on other gates as well as the four corners of the Powerline & 18th intersection.

• An exciting golf schedule is ready for golfers in the new season, with Director of Golf, Buck Deibel, leading the charge, along with an equally exciting tennis schedule available for tennis players, with Director of Tennis, Gabriel Neacsu, leading the charge.

• New menus and beverage selections with fabulous choices for everyday dining and special events will be enjoyed by all, thanks to Executive Chef Terry Daniels.

• An unbelievably active, new social calendar is showcased in the new Playbill, designed by Boca Pointe’s Social Director, Jane Young, that includes the best of Broadway Plays, Showtime Series, one-of-a-kind dinner dances in the Main Dining Room, and much more!

• The building of the new Pointe100 Village is underway and should be welcoming new residents and members before the end of 2015.

What more can be going on? Well, beyond all of these new and exciting activities, the Board and various committees are hard at work designing a new membership offering to keep the Club not only moving forward, but actively young. The details will be available in the fall.

Undoubtedly, the Boca Pointe Community and The Club at Boca Pointe are where the action is with both the Renaissance of the Community and the Dawning of a New Era for the Club. We hope you are taking full advantage of what Boca Pointe has to offer! Don’t miss out! If you’re not a member of the Club, yet, we invite you to call the membership department today at 561-864-8539!

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