tennis lesson

When it comes to “Love,” there is no better place than The Club at Boca Pointe where “Love” flourishes daily, especially on its 16 beautifully manicured Har-Tru tennis courts that are filled regularly with play at all levels—from competitive to social to teams.

Under the leadership of the newly appointed Director of Tennis who is the former Canadian National Doubles Champion Over 35, Gabriel Neacsu continues to build programs that are appealing to all levels of play. As The Club at Boca Pointe rolls out of the summer and into the new, exciting fall season, tennis will programs will be in full throttle as the season kicks in gear.

As for teams, 10 ladies teams will be fielded. This includes three Palm Beach teams (3,5,7), 4 Claymates and 3 seniors and teams. Last season, Claymates Ladies and Seniors Princess 1 won their league championships! And, let’s not forget the men. The men field 3 grand slam teams and 3 senior teams, one of which won their division championship!

And, if that’s not exciting enough, there is still plenty of competitive daily play at all skill levels, Cardio Tennis and as many clinics for tennis players to sharpen their skills. Are you new to the tennis world? Worry not! Gabriel works with newbies to the sport as well as newbies to the Club. When families are visiting, especially with the grand kids, there are plenty of clinics planned for all age groups.

Bottom line: no one ever gets shut out; you want tennis action, The Club at Boca Pointe is the place to be and you do not have to live at the club to participate in the tennis programs with the Club’s exclusive Premier Membership that affords you the opportunity to enjoy the country club experience without the typical country club commitment.

Love really is a many-splendored thing, especially when it comes to Tennis at The Club at Boca Pointe! We invite you to call membership today at 561-864-8539 to learn more.

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