Gabriel Neacsu, the former Canadian National Doubles Champion Over 35, has been promoted to Director of Tennis at The Club at Boca Pointe. This announcement today by Helen Karpel, General Manager of the Club, further enhances Boca Pointe’s dynamic move into a fabulous new era for membership expansion.

“This is the dawning of a new era for Boca Pointe, and we are extremely delighted and excited to promote Gabriel to the director level of our tennis program. We will be opening our new Sports and Fitness Complex before the end of the year and know that Gabriel will be instrumental in growing our tennis program.” declares Ms. Karpel. Boca Pointe is a premier destination and offers tennis enthusiasts a beautiful facility to enjoy challenging games and an opportunity to meet new friends in South Florida.

Gabriel, born in Romania with a dual Canadian and U.S. citizenship, has an impressive resume. He was a member of the Romanian Davis Cup team and the National Galea Cup Team from 1970 to 1972, while maintaining strong rankings in his home country. Well-known on the Canadian tennis scene, Gabriel was also the head professional at the Calgary Winter Club at Hollyburn Golf & Country Club in West Vancouver, as well as the Western Indoor Tennis Club.

Proven as a teacher, Gabriel has a strong track record of mentoring new tennis players to the elite. He personally coached and trained Sandra Wasserman who reached the top 40 on the women’s circuit; Hellene Kellesi, a top 10 player; and Grand Connell, number one ranked in men’s doubles in 1991-1992 on the ATP circuit.

Boca Pointe has been fortunate to have Gabriel as part of its tennis program for 11 years. “I know our membership very well. I know what it is going to take to continuously grow and strengthen our Club’s tennis program to be one of the top in Palm Beach County.” explains Gabriel. “I am excited to welcome new members from neighboring communities as well as to many new residents in Boca Pointe.”

“Tennis is in a growth cycle,” he adds. “And, one of the keys to growth is out-reaching to youngsters who will, in turn, ignite interest in our Club from their parents. We have more and more young families living in Boca Raton and the Boca Pointe community, and I look forward to developing a special campaign to reach out to them.” Gabriel shares enthusiastically. Boca Pointe’s progress is flourishing and Gabriel will be another important key contributor to member enjoyment!

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