Doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers and the candlestick makers are just a few of the professions that members at The Club at Boca Pointe are still very active in, according to a recent survey. Well, maybe not the candlestick maker!

“People think clubs are just for retired people,” says Helen Karpel, General Manager of the ever-changing Club at Boca Pointe. “As far as Boca Pointe is concerned, that is no longer true.”

“Our membership is changing rapidly. We are no longer just a club for the retirees. We have a very active, working membership,” she adds. “Of course, there are many retirees from many professions, but because of our various membership offerings, we are attracting many more working professionals to enjoy our diverse membership offerings.” The Club at Boca Pointe, located within the Boca Pointe Community, has a unique menu of membership opportunities allowing members to design the lifestyle in which they are comfortable.

“Since we are not a mandatory equity club where residents are automatically members, we have to be much more creative and market ourselves to changing demographics and lifestyles. For example, we designed a one-of-a-kind Premier Membership program, which enables the member to pick and choose the type of membership or activity level they prefer for as little as three consecutive months for the first year and for four or more consecutive months thereafter. And, the beauty of this membership is that you do not have to live at Boca Pointe to become a member,” explains Ms. Karpel.

With the Premier membership, if a working professional in the Northeast wants or has a place in South Florida, he or she can join as a family (spouse and children under 22) for the amount of time they are here. Let’s say a doctor, or any professional, and spouse want to spend the winter months in Florida. The Premier membership allows them to purchase a membership and enjoy full Club privileges, such as golf, tennis, card play, use of a brand new Sports and Fitness Complex, fine dining, the finest Boca Raton catering and various forms of entertainment throughout the year. Similarly, a working spouse can choose to commute to the business world while his or her spouse stays in South Florida to enjoy the amenities.

The Club at Boca Pointe, a Boca Raton country club, welcomes all its neighbors, those residing or leasing in the Boca Pointe community and those outside of its community. The membership roster is made up of people living in condos on A1A from Pompano Beach to Highland Beach…from apartments in Deerfield to those who rent at other clubs but are not permitted to use the club’s facilities. With Boca Pointe’s convenient location and beautiful amenities, its appeal is widespread.

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