Not only has the work begun on a new irrigation system for The Club at Boca Pointe’s golf course, a Boca Raton Golf Club, but also it is progressing on schedule, according to Helen Karpel, General Manager.

“We are on schedule to be pumping water from our new pipes by mid to late July on the front nine, barring, of course, any major weather delays,” according to Ms. Karpel. “The crew is diligently working and optimistic that the new irrigation system will be finished for all 18 holes on time or ahead of schedule.” she boasts like a proud new mother.

The process is truly amazing to watch. First crews have to plow or trench, depending on the pipe size, to accommodate the main lines that are approximately six to ten inches in diameter. These pipes carry the water pumped from the new pump station all through the course.

When the sprinklers come on at different times the water flows from the main into lateral pipes, which are also being laid at the same time. “It’s like a heart pumping blood to and from the arteries into the branches or capillaries and veins throughout your body,” the newly-minted irrigation expert enthusiastically states.

Once the irrigation system is completed on the front nine, planting of the new Celebration grass will be done in July. “This, along with the new irrigation system, will give us enough time to have healthy front nine fairways by season,” Karpel says.

“The back nine is under going sod replacement around the tee boxes and the collars around the greens. So, by the time our equity snowbird members return along with our growing number of Premier members, including a fabulous group of Canadians, we will have a plush, healthy, well-watered golf course.” Karpel further explains.

The back nine fairways will be replaced during off-season of 2015 to complete the golf course renovations. The beautiful, healthy new fairways and tee boxes along with upgraded cart paths will bring delight to golfers and the overall Boca Pointe community as our beautifully designed championship golf course displays its great personality and beauty!

We welcome you to call The Club at Boca Pointe to learn more about the dawning of a new era for our Club. Be part of it all, call 561-864-8539.

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