The Club at Boca Pointe is Filled with Precious Nuggets…


Boca Pointe is a jewel chest filled with precious nuggets. When my husband, Harvey dragged me to this Florida Country Club, I went kicking and screaming, but decided to tolerate it for no more than three months. The change, however, was almost instantaneous. First it was people – so many bright, friendly, incredibly high quality people – welcoming us, many of whom turned into warm friendships. My favorite pastimes, golf and bridge were more and more easily available. My nubie anxiety melted away, and I feel at home.

The quality of service at the club is impressive. I remember the first day I played golf. Buck and Laurie were super responsive to our needs. Chef Terry and his staff have gone the extra mile too. Just yesterday I had a very yummy Vegan Pad Thai. How nice is that? A cut above my usual Romaine salad. Club activities are richer than German Chocolate Cake. One gem is Pat Cohen’s monthly book group. Not only are her picks literary, delightful reads, but the discussions are wonderfully engaging. The piece de resistance is our own John Black who superbly organizes our duplicate & supervised bridge games. I dare not omit mentioning Jane Young, a great asset who has included us in some memorable theater experiences.

We are entering our fourth season, ensconced in our beautiful new nest with the distinction of providing us a daily show of the night sky in all its glory – including New Year’s Eve fireworks. We have been transformed into delighted snowbirds with Floridian passports, and a datebook full of superb activities, and new dancing shoes. Nothing can match the simple pleasure of sitting down to a good meal, a glass of Malbac, and stimulating conversation with people that you really like. In fact, after three years, we are still meeting fine folks. We feel so lucky to be members of this spectacular community right here in Boca Raton. Boca Pointe, I love you! Who knew?

By: Rita Bigel-Casher

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