Camp Boca Pointe Runs a Busy Schedule All Year

Remember the days when you put the kids on the bus as they anxiously, yet excitedly, awaited the fun with friends at summer sleep aways; remember the joy of visitors’ day or the August return? Of course, you do!

Well, now it’s your turn to fill your calendar with laughter and smiles at Camp Boca Pointe! This is not a creative play on words as we have had numerous members tell us as they depart for The North that this has been camp for them! This description captures the culture of Boca Pointe so well!

Those members who live up north for part of the year travel to Camp Boca Pointe to get away from the cold northern winters…and this year, it is truer than ever! Once on the camp grounds of Boca Pointe, new friends are met and long-time friends are reestablished as the warm sun shines and camaraderie is in the air. Camp Boca Pointe does not disappoint with activities for all to fill up each day with reasons to get out of the cabin and make wonderful memories.

Time flies by and suddenly the weather report reminds us that there is an inkling of warmth in the northern air and travel plans are imminent. Just like our kids, it is a good feeling to know that it is time to reconnect at home, yet disappointing to leave the fun calendar of events and friendships until the next year.

For year-round Florida residents, the enjoyment is like a stream that keeps flowing. Camp Boca Pointe’s season DOES NOT end when the sun shines in The North because the sun shines year round in South Florida! Activities continue to thrive throughout the year with special events, special dinners and sports activities.

Traditionally, the Passover and Easter holidays in the spring mark the “end of the season.” According to Helen Karpel, general manager of The Club at Boca Pointe, “That had been generally true, but now we are seeing a trend toward the need for more activities all year long. Many of our members are staying at The Club longer than ever (the colder it stays up north, the more members love it down south), and more northerners are moving to South Florida full time.”

“March and April are two of our busiest months with year-end season events coming to a close. Now, however, The Club is busy with an exciting array of activities 12 months a year. Members at Camp Boca Pointe during the summer months are kept as active as they want to be through social events, cards, board games, shows, golf, and tennis competitions.” explains Ms. Karpel. Camp Boca Pointe, she says, runs 12-months a year. “No rest when it comes to having fun!”

Through its flexible membership programs, The Club at Boca Pointe is where you can define your own lifestyle by choosing the number of months and types of activities in which you wish to participate. Isn’t it time for you to check out our friendly and active campground!?!

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