Mmm..._crawfish_etouffee_(8027860063)Cafe_du_Monde_New_OrleansChefs working in the public restaurant sector usually have a free hand to showcase their culinary talents as long as dishes are kept within the establishment’s theme. In the world of country clubs, however, executive chefs have to be more discerning about satisfying the palates of a wide cross-section of members. Yet, Boca Pointe’s chefs never disappoint!

Once in a while, the country club chef is given the opportunity to go beyond the mainstream, delicious dishes to present a new extra-ordinary menu of delights. Such was the case at The Club at Boca Pointe when the Adventurers’ Club (a club within a club of nearly 200 members) held its annual end of the year dinner-dance.

No it wasn’t the usual bill of fare…on this night, it was New Orleans Night…a challenge that Executive Chef Terry Daniels welcomed and took upon himself. He created the robust menu and, as always, presented the theme flawlessly!

For openers at the cocktail hour, members feasted on coconut shrimp with remoulade sauce, Andouille puffs with creole mustard, vegetable dim sum with soy dipping sauce, and warm Brie canapé with wild mushroom fricassee.

Then, if you were still hungry by dinner time, you were offered Mediterranean mussels mixed with Andouille sausage, tomato concasse, thyme, slivered garlic, white wine, creole butter, fresh corn and roasted potatoes with a basket of garlic butter.

This was followed by shrimp etouffee with red beans and rice; jerk chicken breast sliders, smoked baby backed ribs, bourbon short ribs with soft polenta, chicken francaise, cauliflower puree, and steamed broccoli with citrus butter.

When you sat back filled to your heart’s content, out came the sweet stuff consisting of banana beignets with vanilla ice cream, bread pudding and bourbon sauce, and madeleine cookies—all New Orleans style, of course, accompanied by traditional fresh fruit.

This is how The Club at Boca Pointe defines country club living…whether it is daily dining or special events, extra-ordinary tender loving care is given to every meal!

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