What Boca Pointe Club Members are Saying About the Food

This is what we always hear whenever we mention that we live in Boca Pointe and are members of the Club. Is it true? You bet it is!! But it also extends to the entire staff as well. During our 17 years as Club members, our children have held three Bar Mitzvah celebrations here, along with a baby naming, and countless other celebrations as well. Add to this the many business holiday parties, sales meetings and family gatherings and it is obvious that we are one of the most satisfied “customers” the Club could have.

Working with the staff is an absolute pleasure. They have been able to take all the work, worry and anxiety out of hosting any type of affair or event. Not only just the planning, but that extends to the entire staff who are right there to make sure that everything goes smoothly and well.

Now add to this, the extraordinary food experience. We know that our guests will always walk away raving about the food that they get here. Our most recent Bar Mitzvah in February drew absolute raves from our guests. Our children were treated to a food sampling dinner where they were able to sample what they planned to serve. Their selections were outstanding and our family and friends still talk about it.

All in all, you absolutely can’t beat the experience of a Boca Pointe Club meal, party or affair. Our three children and eight grandchildren all live here in Boca, and without exception their favorite treat is when we invite them to dine with us at the Club.

As a matter of fact, one of the best testimonials comes from one of our grandsons, who is ten years old. At dinner one evening at the club, we introduced him to Chef Terry. Our grandson, un-coached, told him that he wished he lived at Boca Pointe, because that way he could eat here every day!! “You can’t beat the food at Boca Pointe.” You bet that’s right, only we’d just add you can’t beat the service either. Thanks to our entire staff!!
H. & M. Nelles

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