I LOVE MY LIFE at the Club at Boca Pointe

I think back to the wonderful, hectic, busy years of raising our family and teaching. We woke up at the crack of dawn, commuted over the Tappan Zee Bridge to The Bronx…& were exhausted before that 1st bell rang starting the school day at 7:50 A.M! I loved teaching…but my life began when I got home. Very busy, hectic years.

… and we fantasized about retiring one day
… about moving to Florida
… about sitting in rockers on our “porch”
… and growing “old” together!

But, I never imagined living at “Camp Boca” (Thank you Eiloo Wayne for encouraging us to take a Trial Memebership !!!)…where everyday is filled with friends and fun! …

I love my tennis…I love my tennis buddies, my clubs, …and my games…my drills…& my Team (yeah Claymates!)

I love my Adventurer’s Club… my trips, my events, my friends!
Our Square Dance was great!

& I love my Baby Boomer’s Club! Happy Hour, Dancing, House Parties, Boat Rides, Bowling…

& I love the Pap Cops, the Dinner Dances, the people!

… I love my canasta games
– with my girlfriends
– as couples
– having dinner
– having lunch
– winning money?
– losing money?

… I love my mahjongg
– eating with my buddies
– playing with my buddies
– going to Ellyn’s for 3 days-
– winning money? (rarely)
– losing money? (often!)

Oh well- it’s all part of what makes my life at Boca Pointe feel so good! You make me happy-… all of you… each and everyone of you make me smile! The staff, the Maitre D’s, Chef Terry, the waiters, the catering staff, the Athletic Center staff, the instructors, the Bartenders, the Cardroom attendants….I could go on and on! I love my life! Thank you Boca Pointe!!!

Ronni Ratsprecher

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