There is golf and more golf. Then, there is golf The Club at Boca Pointe style, says Buck
Deibel, the director of golf.

“We have one of the best groomed courses in South Florida,” says Deibel. “When one
of Jack Nicklaus’ companies designed the course, they designed it just perfect. It offers a challenging 18 holes but is friendly for the type of players we have at the club. The fairways are wide and forgiving while the greens define the challenging part of the game. Yet, according to Deibel, “that is not what separates us.”

“The real defining part of our golf comes with the social portion of the game. We have
events for low handicappers to high handicappers, plus a wide array of special events.”

“The special events calendar is one of the big features of the golf program. Not only do
we offer ladies and men’s leagues for all golf members, but we have an active social program where couples participate in a fun monthly mixer. The mixer is usually followed by a themed dinner typically based on what holiday or special day falls in a particular month,” he adds.

Like the club’s membership programs in which you can define the type of membership you want for the amount of time you are in Boca Raton, the golf program follows suit. “You want to play socially with guys or gals, you can. If you want daily competitive games, you can. If the tournament schedule fits your needs, it’s there for you. If you only want to play nine holes, we have leagues and events for you, as well.”

The seasonal leagues, while competitive, also provide different weekly formats from
stroke play to match play to other fun formats that keep the game challenging and exciting for everyone. Lifelong friends are formed at The Club at Boca Pointe as members meet new people weekly in different tournament pairings and during regular daily play.

The golf program aligns with the unique membership offerings of The Club at Boca Pointe, a non-mandatory equity club. You do not have to live at Boca Pointe to be a member. You can choose not only the type of membership–social, golf, tennis—but you can also choose the number of months you want to join with a minimum of three months the first year and four months thereafter. The only private country club in Boca Raton that offers this lifestyle!

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