Fasten your seat belts … the social express train at The Club at Boca Pointe has left the station with a full calendar of exciting, fun events!  The good news is that there is still plenty of time for you to enjoy the ride by catching the train at the next station.

The express train left the station when Chef Terry electrified more than 300 members and guests with delightful delicacies through his well-known station-to-station food extravaganza at the New Year’s Eve celebration.  The Moroccan theme filled the new lobby with dazzling decorations and a spirit of adventure for the upcoming New Year. Members danced well past the midnight tradition of Auld Lang Syne when they picked up their to-go goodie bags.

No sooner than they were able to rest their dance feet came the annual-much-awaited Sweetheart Dance with again more than 200 in attendance about six weeks after the express train started its New Year’s journey.  The usual Sweetheart decorations sparkled to a new high throughout the lobby, lounge and main dining room.

Exhausted yet?  If you are, you’re not a true Boca Pointer!  Because if you are a golf or tennis member, your feet never stopped moving on the dance floor or playing field and your mouth continued to be entertained by Chef Terry’s scrumptious delights.

Between the New Year’s Eve bash and romantic Sweetheart affairs, golfers had their monthly mixer tournaments, the traditional Men’s Member Guest golf outing, Ladies’ Pink Day and Governor’s Cup, coupled with various major club championships.  Tennis members also aced it with their own exciting functions, including the Mens’ & Ladies’ Doubles Club Championship, Ladies’ Member/Member and Mixed Doubles Championship, in addition to the  New Year’s Day Tennis Mixer.

getImage-42.gifgetImage-41.gifOkay, you say that’s much too much physical types of activities for you (excluding eating of course).  Well, let’s talk about the busiest rooms in the house – the card rooms.  Social games and tournaments in bridge, canasta, Mahjong, and poker continue to challenge the minds of many members as they strategize and socialize with friends.   Then, we have our monthly Showtime entertainment series, Lynn concerts, and the Marleen and Harold Forkas FAU Lifelong Learning series of lectures that bring great pleasure, culture and education to our life.

Not exhausted yet?   Then you must not be a member, yet!  Call our membership department and take advantage of what The Club at Boca Pointe offers and what it is most known for:  THE BEST SOCIAL PROGRAMS IN SOUTH FLORIDA!


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