Is All Deli Created Equal? NOT if you are eating at the Club at Boca Pointe

When is pastrami not pastrami?  Or when it is corned beef, not really corned beef?Pastrami_sandwich

Well if you are from the Northeast corridor—where most of the members and guests are from at the Club at Boca Pointe—you are particular…you have the unique and critical taste buds that lets you discern what’s good deli or not!

That’s the challenge and hallmark that Executive Chef Terry Daniels undertakes every day at the Club at Boca Pointe.  Members and their guests, many come from other country clubs in South Florida, come just for the deli bar.

“It’s really simple,” says Chef Terry, as the beloved members call him.  You set a standard of quality that you demand from your vendors.  But simply, it is in the final preparation which my team of sous chefs does daily.

Nothing comes into the Boca Pointe kitchen without it being cooked and prepped here.  Many other public restaurants and country clubs do not undertake the cooking/steaming on their own premises and just buy the meats ready to be sliced without regard to quality control from one piece of pastrami to the next.

A perfect example is when Chef Terry hears from a couple of members that there was a change in the way the pastrami tastes.  Sure enough there was a slight change that the purveyor made without telling him. The pastrami must be PERFECT!

“To say I was unhappy, is putting it mildly.  So, I went to several other purveyors…gave them our specifications. We tested and tasted pastramis from at least four or five other companies…all among the biggest suppliers of this delicate meat.  We selected one and gave him what our specs are.”

“Now, pastrami comes from this New York-based purveyor and, since we buy so much, their pastrami now sets the standard for all South Florida users of this popular meat.  I know we purchase probably more deli meat than other clubs and even restaurants in South Florida, which gives us a lot of leverage and buying power.”

Chef Terry’s watchful eye and critical taste buds goes for the turkey breast, tongue, salami and the ever-popular brisket.

But wait, while doing the final cooking and prepping in house, the next step is probably as important.

The bread!  What to build the sandwich on?

Rye bread, like deli, is not all created equal.  ALL of the bread served at the Club at Boca Pointe is made fresh daily.  “We control the freshness, the taste, and the seeds in rye and produce every piece of bread right in house,” Chef Terry says.  “The only thing we buy commercially is bagels.  To the best of my knowledge most of the clubs purchase their breads from commercial bakers.”

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