The Fitness Industry is well known for constantly re-inventing itself with more modern techniques and equipment to help keep your body and mind in top shape. And the Club at Boca Pointe is in step with the industry to satisfy its membership that is diverse in age and interests.BOCA POINTE

At any given time there can be more than 50 to 60 different classes scheduled. ” We cover every area with age appropriate workouts along with state of the art equipment,” says Sherri Giannone, director of the Club at Boca Pointe Fitness Center.

“This includes a wide range of classes plus a free weight room, treadmills, bikes, Nu  Steps, Ellipticals, and workout stations for every muscle group,” she adds.  “We have personal trainers available and floor monitors to help our members with the equipment at all times.”

But the crown jewel of the Club’s Fitness Center is the variety and number of classes offered to members seven-days a week.  The total numbers of classes vary depending upon the time of year when members return to the Club from their other residences.

Every morning, seven-days a week, it’s into the pool for Aquasize exercises with Tuesdays and Thursdays reserved for regular and deep-water activities.

One of the newer and very popular activities is the Young Heart program that is held three days week with a special exercise/light weight program for those who prefer working from a seated position.

Ms. Giannone says “look for new classes added to the schedule.  We plan to add classes such as Tabata, Killer B’s and Throw-back workouts.”

“We try to manage our members needs and expectations,” says Ms. Giannone.  “It is not unusual for a member to call something new to our attention.  We certainly check it out and if it makes sense, we will make the appropriate recommendations to management for their approval.”

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