What members are saying about our Country Club In Boca Raton!

June 12, 2012        Mark Laffer                          VISITED SISTER AT DEER CREEK

In 1994 when visiting my sister in Deer Creek, Patricia and I we were brought, as her guest, to the Boca Pointe Athletics Center pool to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, since she was an outside member. In 1995, when our last child went off to college, we came to Florida to look for a permanent residence to escape the cold winters. Although we were not looking for a country club residence, coincidence would have a house in La Corniche for sale. Not sure about country club living, we took a look. Patricia loved the house and within 40 days and 40 nights a moving truck was on its way from Long Island to Boca Pointe. Two months later, we investigated the country club and decided to take a social membership, knowing we both worked and would not be able to take full advantage of all that was offered. For ten years we occasionally enjoyed the restaurants, pool at the Athletics Center, and joined in for a vacation trip. The years passed so quickly. Four years ago, when the golf equity requirement was dropped, Patricia and I thought to give it a try. Being a computer geek, and not very athletic, we truly thought our golf membership would last only one year. We were so warmly welcomed into the golf program; words cannot describe how many wonderful people we have met. We initially thought the excessive politeness of the staff was to be short lived, only to learn it is how they are at all times. We also thought that golf tournaments were for experienced golfers, but soon we were paired up with other couples, in a tournament, matching our inexperienced level. To say we have been having the time of our lives would be an understatement. Patricia and I are now enjoying the benefits of membership much more often. Believe it or not, we love the summer months as much as the winter time. Being members of the country club has been nothing short of a wonderful addition to our lives. There truly is no way to show the entire staff how thankful we are for everything they do to add memorable experiences to our lives.

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