What members are saying for the Club at Boca Pointe!

June 9, 2012 Rosalie Sherman  SPECIAL FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS

I have lived in Boca Pointe for 19 years. I can’t imagine a community of friends, pals, and neighbors more comfortable to share our lives with! But, never could I have imagined the story I’m about to tell you. My husband and I had just started a week’s long cruise on the Pacific, having left home merely 24 hours before. Just by chance, I’m not like most folks, I turned on my cell phone, actually to play a game while waiting for my husband and friends. Amazingly, I had a voice mail. It was Mother’s Day, but it looked like a Boca phone number, and my children live in California and New York. So, I listened, “This is Boca Pointe Access Control calling. We have a fire truck and 3 police units here. You seem to have a pool pump fire.” Needless to say, I was startled and shaken!

I immediately called home and was relieved when the pet sitter answered. Thanks to the difference in time, things had pretty well settled down. She and the pets, puppy and a cat were strung out, but fine. Our contact list of friends and neighbors had come over and helped calm things down. Thankfully, all seemed in order and OK. We knew we’d have a lot to take care of when we came home, but proceeded to have a great time! But, here’s the story I want to tell you, which we only found out about last week. We were luckier than anyone could imagine. A golfer on the golf course saw the flames and immediately, with barely time enough to jump into his Superman suit, ran into our patio, grabbed our hose, and while dousing the fire called the Fire Department.

Our unsung hero, at great risk to himself, did all this … saving our pet sitter, pets, and our home. This is the same man, Dr. Alan Lefkowitz, who saved a man in the lake a few years ago. I simply wanted to share with all of you the wonderful things that can happen here at Boca Pointe, a community of folks who really care, and look out for each other.

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