Being able to build their own teddy bear often fascinates youngsters.  Building or designing one’s own lifestyle club membership maybe equally fascinating and exciting for adults as they look toward retirement or just getting away during the cold months to the warm South Florida weather.

The Club at Boca Pointe is the only Boca country club in South Florida where adults can literally pick and choose how they want to play without the obligation of having to live there.

Want to play golf…there is a membership that includes just golf!

Want to play tennis…you got it at the Club at Boca Pointe!

Cards, Mah Jong your passion!  You got it.

Or maybe it is going to Broadway plays, or watching top talent perform in the on-campus Showtime Series or listening to top professors from FAU and Lynn University at the Club or just schmoozing with your new or old friends.

Oh, yes, dining…that is an important aspect of Club life.

Staying in South Florida for a limited time, well the Club at Boca Pointe can accommodate your schedule with one small caveat.  The first year, there is a three-month minimum.  After that, you can design your membership level to any number of months.

All of these options are available under the Club’s exclusive Premier Membership program–the only one of its kind within the country club community in South Florida.

The premise is built on the foundation of two simple concepts:

  1. You do not have to live at Boca Pointe to play.
  2. You can literally define the club lifestyle that suits you best

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