What to Ask, Look for When Planning THE BIG DAY By Jeana Bartell, Director of Catering, Club at Boca Pointe

The Club at Boca Pointe features the three important “Ps” in making your function the best-you-can imagine: Pricing, the most competitive in South Florida; Picturesque with the sprawling golf course and water fountains in a private country club setting and People, a permanent full-time staff that serves not only the club members, but is dedicated to making every catered affair the best ever.

Tips for engaged couples, bar/bat mitzvahs or anniversaries that are looking for a venue to host their event:

  1. Quality of food, fresh not frozen
  2. Does the Catering Director stay for the entire event?  What does he or she do to help set up for the event?
  3. How many weddings/events are going on at the same time?
  4. Does the venue accommodate dietary restrictions?
  5. Does the venue have preferred vendors? Do they charge extra to have vendors not from the preferred vendor list?
  6. What does the venue offer regarding linen and other small incentives, table numbers, charger plates?
  7. Does the venue charge for extending the time of the party? How much do they charge for each additional hour? When does this decision to have to be made by?
  8. Does the venue charge for a tasting?

Specific wedding questions:

  1. Does the venue offer a bridal suite? If so, what does it include? How long do you have the space for?
  2. Does the venue make their wedding cakes in house?
  3. If the ceremony is outside, is their a back up space and if so, what does the back up space look like?

Specific bar/bat mitzvah questions:

  1. What is the ceremony fee and what does it include?
  2. Does the venue offer security for the kids or does the client have to hire an outside company?

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