Is there a secret to make Challah bread for the traditional Friday night dinner?

But the ageless recipe for the bakers at the Club at Boca Pointe have tweaked the traditional Jewish Sabbath dinner and it is available every night dinner is served.  In fact, the Challah is used even for hamburger and hot dog buns.

The secret, says the club’s executive Chef Terry is keeping the tradition, of course, but being able to tweak it every so little as part of the club’s dedication to producing the freshest and most unique Artisan breads.

“Our bakery staff hits the kitchen between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. so they can prepared all the breads for the most high tech ovens on the market.  We bake everything in house except bagels and pita bread.  Even or lavage crackers are baked fresh and cut on special machines,” a smiling Chef Terry beams.

“We are the most active club in South Florida that bakes all its breads, muffins, rolls in house, fresh daily.  Most buy from commercial bakers, the same ones that sell restaurants, hotels, clubs, and so forth.  In addition to serving the delicious fresh bread, full loaves as well as other baked goods are for sale directly to members for use in their own homes.”

The hot items:

–chocolate bread for the chocoholics served on select nights.

–the challah

–fresh baked muffins

–a chocolate cake that’s to die for.

“I have a hunch,” says Chef Terry, “we will be looking into some new breads to satisfy our members from different parts of the world.  They will be surprised when they return.”

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