When you think country clubs, private clubs you think traditional:  golf and tennis.  When you think the Club at Boca Pointe, you think cards, cards, cards and more cards along with Mahjong and other popular board games plus the golf, tennis and fitness at Boca Country clubs.

That’s right, the most popular place at the Club at Boca Pointe (next to dining, of course), is the card rooms, says Lisa Hancock, manager of the card room facilities.

During the season, the club maintains five active card rooms in the main clubhouse plus the center court area where members are also invited to play.

“Typically, there are two sessions,” says Hancock.  “Players usually have lunch in the Grand Café and then move into the day session which runs between noon and 4 p.m.   The evening session is after dinner from about 7 to 10 p.m.”

What’s being played?  You name it and it is more than likely being played, including but not limited to:

–bridge:  contract, duplicate.  Social and tournaments with Master Points given at some events, inter-club tournaments, instructions with top teachers.

–canasta:  social, tournaments and instructions.

–poker with various stakes.

–gin rummy

–pan and “hand and foot” (a derivative of canasta).

Members also have the opportunity to leave their Mahjong sets and cards in cabinets in the main card rooms at this Country Club In Boca Raton.  The main card rooms are also well stocked with beverages and condiments for the members’ pleasure and occasionally a surprise from Chef Terry in the afternoons.

“The card rooms are definitely the most popular place for members to gather,” adds Hancock. “When new members join the club and seek out games, our social director makes every effort to find games by matching skill sets so that we are considered inclusionary, not exclusionary.  It does not take new members long to become enmeshed in the shuffling of cards or the clicking of tiles.”

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