Retiring: the Big Decision

You are retiring!  You are taking an early buy out!  You are being forced to retire!

Regardless of the scenario, the next question is:  “what am I going to do with my time?  How am I going to fill up my day?”

Typical questions facing many, many people.

All you have to do is ask anyone at the Club at Boca Pointe where you can play (at whatever you want), but don’t have to live there.

Of course, Boca Pointe offers the traditional activities associated with country clubs—golf, tennis, fitness, fine dining.

But that’s where the traditional stops. The Club at Boca Pointe is not your “typical father’s country club”…not by a long shot.

Singles:  Boca Unos for those who are single has become a place to meet people through special Happy Hours, Au Bar and Inter-Club Mingles.

Board games:  five card rooms with games being played day and night.  Bridge, Canasta, Mah Jong, Poker, Pan and others.  Don’t have a game?  No, problem, the club’s social director or card room committee makes matches.

Special interests:  there are seven special interest clubs within Boca Pointe ranging from Adventurers Club, Camera, Painting, Creative Writing, Volunteering, Performing with the Scam Troupe.

Excursions:  take a break from club life on a December cruise, a trip to Branson and others…all arranged for and chaperoned by a staff member.

Broadway-style Activities:  Friday night ShowTime series featuring top acts; Broadway shows such as West Side Story, Chicago, American Idiot, Memphis, Wizard of Oz, Book of Mormon and more.  All by bus and chaperoned by staff.

Are you convinced that your “retired” calendar is full?  No…well there is more.  FAU Lifelong Learning Center, top talent from Lynn University, cultural seminars.  All at the newly renovated Boca Pointe Clubhouse!

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