Former High School Teacher Finds Love in Tennis

“I am living better in retirement than I did when I was living in an apartment on New York’s West Side as a high school teacher.”

How can that be?  It surely can be says Camri Masterman who moved to The Club at Boca Pointe close to 20 years ago.

“I credit my fortunate lifestyle directly to Boca Pointe which opened up a whole new world for me.  For example, when I decided to move to Boca Pointe, I was concerned about what I would be doing with the rest of my life.

“I had just taken early retirement from the New York City school system and as a single person, I was facing some frightening decision…especially since I didn’t know anyone in Boca Pointe, I didn’t know what end of a tennis racquet and golf was a foreign word.

“I purchased a townhouse in the La Mirada section of Boca Pointe.  That was my first major decision and a good one because it had its own swimming pool that became the center of my universe where I was able to meet many people in a similar situation.  Seven years later, I bought a single-family home in the Palms…a move that also was well timed with the real estate market.

“Then I found love…love in the form of tennis.  I really never held a racquet in my hands until I heard about a clinic for beginners at the Club’s Athletic Center.  As luck had it, I was the only one at the clinic so I worked a full hour with the pro.  I suspect she hit me some air balls, which I returned and I said, wow that seems like fun and something I could do.

“One lesson led to another and before you knew it I was playing competitively on the Club’s Palm Beach County League team.  But the most important aspect of tennis was not just playing well or competitively; it was the building a solid base of friendships with people just like me.

“Now nearly 20 later I’ve moved from the Palm Beach County Leagues to Claymates which affords me the opportunity of playing on only clay courts and only two sets instead of three on various surfaces.

“Boca Pointe offers so much in social activities from Broadway shows to the FAU Learning Center right at the club, but I am so content with the social friends and activities I’ve made through tennis that it has definitely defined my lifestyle.”

As a founder and former teacher at the then new City-As-School High School in New York, Camri now focuses on her other love—rescuing cocker spaniels from the shelter in Boca Raton.  She has two rescue dogs at home and will continue to work with rescue dogs.  “It is very rewarding to have shelter dogs at home.  In fact, if I am going out of town or if I have other needs for help, many of my Club friends rush to the house to take the dogs for whatever time I need.”

That’s what the Club at Boca Pointe means to me. Unadulterated friendships!

One thought on “Former High School Teacher Finds Love in Tennis

  1. Camri, Kudos to you for that very interesting, wonderful & very well written article praising Boca Pointe.
    Thank you for describing our wonderful Club at Boca Pointe for the many people that live there & feel the same ways as you do.
    With apprecitaion,
    Adrienne Walker

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